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Car effects case in newly available RAAF file

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The fifth and final Department of Defence UAP file, with a date range beyond 1984, which I originally requested under the Freedom of Information Act, has been received by me.This file is 5/3/1 Air Part 11, originating with Headquarters RAAF Base Pearce. Part of the file is viewable on the website of the National Archives of Australia as file series A9755 part 16 (57 pages) and the second part I received as a PDF file from the Department of Defence under Administrative Action.

What's on this file?

* A copy of the reports made by Special Air Services personnel, which I reported on in a previous post (click here.)  

* A number of observations of UAP recorded on the base's "Watch Log." These are all low interest reports of the lights in the sky variety.

Car effects case:

* However, there is also a very interesting report which Australian UAP researchers have long known, some of the details. However, for the first time on this file, we have a statement which the witness gave to the police, which provides full details. I provide the full text:

"Arthur John Barber states:

I am 43 years of age and reside at 18 Hinkman Road, Silver Sands. I am a self employed farrmer. My property being on Cosy Creek Road, Manjimup.

At about 0430hrs on 13/6/85 I left my residence at Silver Sands, whilst driving a Commodore Sedan WA3372. I travelled through the Mandurah town site and then entered onto the Old Coast Road and headed south. Whilst on that road at about 0500-0515hrs between the tavern and the B.P. store near Lake Clifton, I observed a bright orange light, in the middle of the road, behind me travelling south also.The light was estimated to be about 300-400 yards away and travelled at my speed, which was about 100-110kph.
I first thought it was a vehicle of sorts. I then travelled around a bend and the light disappeared.

When travelling along the road at the same speed for about 6-7 kilometres further, the light appeared again , when the road straightened. The light behaved in the same way, at the same distance. All of a sudden, my back became extremely hot and my stomach became churned up. A shadow came over the car which then started to smell as if something was smouldering. The shadow was accompanied with some sort of light which was similar to moon-light. The light was definitely not moon-light. I continued travelling at the same speed and the light behind me stayed there, but faded every now and again and then brightened. The light above me had gone by then.

There was other traffic passing in  the opposite direction whilst this was going on, there was no traffic travelling behind me or in the same direction. I came to another bend and the light disappeared.

Again about 6-7 kilometres further, the light re-appeared behind me and above me. Again my back became hot, my stomach upset and the car smelt of something smouldering. The lights then disappeared at a bend.

They again re-appeared without warning near Binninup near a service station on a straight but this time two lights appeared behind me. The colour was in between car lights and the orange lights that I had seen before.
 The lights behaved in the same manner. The lights dipped up and down once. They were there about a few minutes or less. When I had passed the Binninup cross roads I slowed down expecting these two lights to pass me, as I thought they belonged to another car. However the lights disappeared.  I don't think they turned off anywhere. They also didn't reach the top of the hill. I then travelled to Bunbury.

My car was not affected in any way whilst the lights were worrying me, nor was it affected after reaching Bunbury."

The night sky:

A web based star chart provided the following information for that night:

* Venus was in the ENE sky; elevation 10 degrees, magnitude -4.4.
* The Moon was in the ENE sky ; elevation 25 degrees.
* Jupiter was in the  NNW; elevation 73 degrees.
* Saturn was in the WSW; elevation 6 degrees. 
* The Sun did not rise until 0700hrs, thus it was dark at the time.

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