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Tully physical trace case 1966 - RAAF papers now digitised

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Thanks to the recent efforts by Melbourne researcher Paul Dean and I, we are now getting to the point where we have requested the National Archives of Australia to digitise every known UAP file held by them. When finally complete in a little while, this will mean that close to 100 Australian Government UAP files are readily available for you to read, and more importantly, conduct research on their contents. Simply go to

and in the keyword box type in the words "flying saucers" or "Unusual Aerial Sightings" or "Unidentified Flying Objects" and follow the prompts to see the digital copies.

New file digitised:

Yet another previously known but undigitised UAP file, has now been digitised. It is file series J63, control symbol 5/40/Air Part 1, titled "Reports on UFOs." It originated with RAAF Base Townsville. It is a 227 page file, with a date range of 1957-1970, and contains numerous low interest lights in the sky type of report, but in places it has items of great interest to the researcher, such as:

1. A report by a RAAF pilot,,who's aircraft was sent to Millaa-Millaa in Queensland following reports of a UAP on 5 June 1961.

2. A report of a UAP by Detective Constable 1st Class Meskell, and others on 3 June 1965 in the Bowen/Proserpine area. (Click here for a previous post on Meskell's involvement in the Bougainville Reef case of May 1965.)

3. Observations of a UAP on 24 June 1965 from Daunia Station, near Nebo.

4. Numerous documents relating to the classic 19 January 1966 physical trace case near Tully. These papers include press clippings; internal RAAF minutes; local police papers, and a proforma completed by the witness himself, George Pedley. (Click here for a sample of the Internet based accounts of the event, but then take an opportunity to read the witness' own report form completed at the time.) It is worth noting the short duration of the event, as I had always thought it was of several minutes duration; it was not.

5. A precis of an address given to the Ballarat Astronomical Society, by Mr R G Roberts, Operational Research Officer, Department of Air, about the RAAF's take on UAP.

6. Papers relating to the finding, and examining by RAAF experts, of an "unidentified spherical object" on Inkerman Station.

All in all:

Quite an interesting file, and well worth your time taking a look at the digital copy.


  1. On the night of 24th June, 1965 I was with my family at Daunia Station homestead. When my father sighted the UFO he was leaning on the verandah railing, searching the skyline for unusual weather formations as he so often did. Meanwhile we awaited his presence at the dining table in the kitchen area which was separated by a landing from the verandah where he stood. Finally he came to dine with us, with a very pale countenance and described to us in detail of the UFO he had just witnessed. The next thing I remember about that night, was helping Mum and my sisters wash and dry the dishes. Suddenly everyone vanished. I was left alone in the kitchen. Running through to the main area of the house, feeling frightened as I was only eleven years old, I called out and nobody answered me. Then, I went into the bathroom and found all my family in the bathroom brushing their teeth, bar one person who apparently had gone to use the outside toilet. I couldn't imagine why they had not answered my call, it felt like a very strange night to me. It was a very dark night. I was born to my family at Daunia Station so I was not prone to fancy as I was born to the bush, and cattle, horses, dingos howling at night close to where I slept, darkness and the like.
    Then in the days following, Dad found burnt treetops and a round area of flattened grass in a paddock on Daunia. He wrote a detailed report for the Queensland Police and DPI or Lands Department. I read his report to the Teacher and children at Nebo School where I attended. Regards, Sue

  2. Hi Sue,

    Thank you very much for providing the above details. It is always nice to hear from somone who was present at these sort of events. I'd love to correspond by email with you, to learn more about this June 65 incident. I believe I came across some papers about it in the RAAF's UFO files. I will take a look and see what I can find.

    If you would be willing to email, my email address is




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