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UAP file 5/6/1/Air Part 15 - Department of Defence

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The third Department of Defence UAP file recently received by me is titled "UFO - reports" and was held by the Chief of Staff, Air Staff, Headquarters, Support Command. Its date range is 25 September 1985 to 6 August 1992. The PDF file is in four parts, totalling 170 pages.

Unusual radar contact:

There are several documents discussing and analysing an unusual radar contact which occurred on the 25 September 1985 at RAAF base Sale in Victoria. A contact was followed on a TPN - 802 radar. It was tracked 155 at 120kts. 2-3 sweeps 050/60 from Sale at 250007Z; 2-3 sweeps 060/60 at 250012z. 2-3 sweeps 065/58 at 250015z. The weather was fine and warm. A Department of Defence  document dated 9 October 1985 addressed to Commanding Officer, East Sale stated that it was possible that anomalous propagation was the cause, but "...anomalous propagation possibilities remain conjecture."

A very unusual close encounter:

A report made in 1985 by letter, about an event from Highton, Victoria  in June 1967 (near Geelong.) There was no Moon, and no wind. The site of the observation (as detailed in a very poorly scanned hand written letter from the witness) was at Mount Moriac on the Princes Highway at the 91kms post. The time was 0530 a.m."The craft was stationary for twenty minutes or more."

"I was in the dairy when the place lights up, thinking a vehicle had pulled up with its bright lights on. The milking machine cups fell from the cows all at once. Then I felt something was around. The whole place was brighter than day. There were no shadows. The cows were very agitated heads held high. It would not have taken much to scare them completely.

I washed the cups then I went to see what was going on. I got one hell of a shock, here was this craft on the paddock. My heart was beating at a fast rate.

What I saw (see diagrams herewith). This big craft it lit up the paddock. The light was similar to a fluorescent globe. The strongest light I have ever seen. It originated from the craft. One could count the wires in the farm gate. There were no visible lights, port holes, windows, antenna, only a large door opened. It operated from the top like  a hatch back

Around three feet from the ground, the floor below the floor. It had an apron or guard around it two feet wide visible...jet of flames not unlike a gas ring much larger in size upside down burning...

I observed it had an engine turning over not unlike a generator. Idly turning over. When it was about top take off the door was shut. Then it revved up to a high pitch. It seemed to lift similar to the English aircraft but at a faster took off as fast as a jet plane...Then it stopped and extinguished the flame..It moved parallel to the ground...

Later that morning I went to the site where the craft had  been. There was this circle of ground dry as a bone. The grass was still wet and the inner and outer of the circle burned and dry grass...PS I am a former member of the RAAF..."

The accompanying sketch shows an object 25 feet high and 96 feet wide. A diagram of the circle indicates it was a 90 foot circle with a 3 foot wide doughnut shaped burnt ring.

Other papers:

* A copy of VUFORS UFO Bulletin for September 1987.

* A copy of Richard Haines' analysis of the 1988 Mundrabilla ( click here) "dust" submitted by VUFORS.

* A Ground Saucer Watch ( click here) analysis of a UAP photograph from Victoria, September 1985.

* A multi page report on the Zimbabwe object of 22 July 1985 ( click here.)

* A copy of a "New Scientist" article of 10 February 1983 "The neglected science of UFOs" by Jenny Randles and Peter Warrington.

* A multi page article on the photographic analysis process used by Ground Saucer Watch.

* A letter dated 25 May 1983 to the RAAF from the Australian Skeptics organisation about the Bendigo 'flap.'

* A copy of the UFO Research Australian Mar/Apr 1982 article by Bill Chalker titled "UFOs and the Royal Australian Air Force - The Inside Story."

* A copy of an article by G J Kirby, Admiralty Underwater Weapons Establishment titled "UFOs -Evidence of Alien Visitation?" J.N.S. Vol. 7 No. 4, 1982.

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