Friday, January 18, 2013

"Tasmania - a UFO history"

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The Tasmanian UFO Investigation Centre (TUFOIC) has recently produced a new 77 page publication titled "Tasmania: A UFO History." The document was compiled by long-term TUFOIC researcher, Keith Roberts.

It's a fascinating read, covering reports of unusual aerial phenomena since 1898. It consists of copies of newspaper clippings; sketches of objects seen, and text. It is also a potted history of TUFOIC itself, which was founded back in 1965.

Here you will find summaries of such classic cases as the October 1960, Cressy observation; (click here) the November 1960 USAF aircraft encounter; the 1971 Lynchford trace; as well as details of visits to Tasmania by J Allen Hynek, and James E McDonald.

In addition, there are some, even to me, previously unknown events, such as the August 1973 Air Traffic Control, Hobart, observation of a silver, circling object.

The publication notes that the 1970's were the peak times for UAP sightings in Tasmania. "The year 1974 was one non-stop action, with almost 200 reports to investigate, leaving a residue of over 50 unexplained sightings." (p.18.) Older cases were uncovered, e.g. in 1970 "...a pastoralist had to dive his light aircraft to avoid an object." (p.19.)

There were some spectacular close encounters during this period, e.g. the 22 Sep 1974, Tayene event. (click here.) I can clearly remember travelling to Tasmania in 1974 and going to visit the site of this puzzling observation.

Due to the large number of events during this period, other civilian UFO organisations sprang up. "Both the Tasmanian UFO Observers Association (Peter Dunbobin) and the Tasmanian UFO Bureau (Jeremy Holden) operated for a number of years in the early 1970's. Another short-lived operation was Peter Zehmeister's Tasmania South West UFO Centre." (p.26.)

Case after intriguing case is summarised, providing the reader with an overview of Tasmanian events. There are lights in the sky, and close encounters, including 'car stops' and entity cases.

All in all, a great read. Copies may be obtained from TUFOIC at $30 for a colour copy or $20 for a black and white copy. Inquiries to


  1. Thanks for this information Keith.
    As we're now "Taswegians" this will be of particular interest to me. I've contacted Keith Roberts and ordered a colour copy.
    Cheers, Steve B

  2. Me n girlfriend spotted many light crafts night after night near Sheffield tad in January 2013 here there everywhere disappearing nbapearing three coming out of one syncing like birds exact, white, also n one very close checking us out in a field metres above the ground rhalf km away, they could read our thoughts n we're responding to how we think,unbelievable but true! Saw the mother ship at first nestled in the mountain blue red orange changing flashing,in and out if dimension,also amazing speed Fri small craft,lasted a week almost,was watching like TV,

  3. Interesting, I have to buy a copy, it is incredible to read that the 70s were a busy time. I lived in Snug and we often saw the strangest things in the sky, heard the strangest sounds during the nights like bloody freight trains flying over our house. I wonder why the 70s were so busy for UFOs?


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