Friday, January 4, 2013

More Australian Government UAP files found in the National Archives of Australia

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In early January of each year, I make a point to look at the National Archives of Australia's (NAA) electronic database "RecordSearch." From previous experience I have learnt that at this time of year, a check of RecordSearch often reveals newly available Australian Government UAP files. This year was no exception.


RecordSearch now has details of the following files which weren't present in the database in December 2012.

1. File series A9755 control symbol 1. Formerly 5/6/4/Air Part 1.
File title is [RAAF Headquarters Operations Command] UAS {Unusual Aerial Sightings] policy [Project] Hessdalen [Norway sent to RAAF by GSW] [UFO Unidentified Flying Object]
Access status: Not Yet Examined (NYE)
Date range: 1984-1987
Barcode: 3532667.

2. A9755 6. Formerly 6/44/Air part 1
[Headquarters RAAF Base Williamtown] Unusual Aerial Sightings [UAS] UFO - Unidentified Flying Object]

3. A9755 14. Formerly 5/113/AIR Part 6.
[RAAF Headquarters No 82 Bomber Wing, Amberley Queensland] Unusual Aerial Sightings [UAS] [UFO-Unidentified Flying Object]

4. A9755 16. Formerly 5/3/1/Air Part 11.
[Headquarters RAAF Base Pearce Western Australia] Reporting of Unidentified Aerial Sightings [UAS - Unusual Aerial Sightings, UFO - Unidentified Flying Objects]

5. A9755 17. Formerly 5/9/Air Part 7.
[RAAF headquarters No 86 Wing Richmond Base, New South Wales] Unusual Aerial Sightings [UAS] [UFOs -Unidentified Flying Objects]

6. A9755 22. Formerly 529/1/4 Air Part 5.
[RAAF AF Intelligence and Security, Canberra] UFO's [Unidentified Flying Object] enquiries from members of the public and civilian research organisations [UAS - Unusual Aerial Sightings]
Open with exception.

7. M1148 Unidentified Flying Objects.
Unidentified Flying Objects [UFOs] [Includes correspondence and a report; the report is 'Department of Air; unusual aeriala sightings; summary 3; January 1970-December 1979; correspondents include Lieutenant-Colonel E H B Neill]


You will note that only one of these files has been examined/cleared for public viewing. The rest have a status of "Not Yet examined."

I have therefore submitted requests to the NAA to have these files reviewed. This process can take up to several months. Following this process, the file status is changed to "open with exception" or "open."

Requests can then be submitted for papers on the files which are more than 30 years old, to be digitised (at $16.50 per file.) There is, however, a catch as almost all of the papers on these files are less than 30 year old as at 2013, and will not be available to us until 30 years have passed.For example. papers dated 1994 will not be available until 2024 under the Archive Act. The one exception is file series M1148 which should be available in full.

A side note is that all of the A9755 series files mentioned previously, were sighted by this author and Dominic McNamara at RAAF Base Edinburgh during the Disclosure Australia Project. For part summaries of these files, see Project newsletters 14 and 15 (click here.)


  1. Actually, in 2010 the access period changed from 30 to 20 years (except for Cabinet records which have moved from a 50 year rule to a 30 year one). However, the change is being introduced gradually, so for example records from 1994 will now be available in 2018 instead of 2024. This year's releases were from 1984 and 1985; next year's will be 1986 and 1987. See:

  2. Hi anonymous,

    Thank you very much for this information. This means that all of the Australian government's UAP files which they currently hold in the NAA will be available to us all, by 2018. This is because in 1994 the RAAF gathered up all its UAP files and sent them to the archives.

    Keith Basterfield.


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