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Canberra, ACT - 1965 - another sighting by air traffic controllers

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Many Australian UAP researchers will be aware of the famous 15 Jul 1965 incident, where observers at Canberra airport sighted an unusual object in the sky. Observers included air traffic controllers Tom Lindsey and Mr A F Frodsham. For my previous posts on this event click here and here.

I have just started mining the wealth of information contained in press clippings on the website of UFO Research (NSW) (for my post on the collection, click here.) The Sydney Telegraph newspaper of 16 Jul 1965 reported on the event (see collection scan 10023).

Another event:

However, what is not well known is that there was another sighting from Canberra airport several days later. According to the Sydney Telegraph of 20 Jul 1965 (scan 10027):

"Two cigar shaped objects were spotted over the airport at dusk yesterday.

Air traffic Controller Mr R. N. T. Wade who was on duty in the airport tower, today said "The glow could have been a rocket casing re-entering the atmosphere."

Four experienced air traffic officers said they saw a mysterious glowing light 'like a balloon' low in the sky near Canberra.

They were certain it was not an aircraft, a planet, sunlight or a cloud formation.

The four experts include the airport's weather bureau officer Mr P Todd, and Civil Aviation Department chief in Canberra Mr A B Lindeman...A RAAF spokesman today said the Canberra experts who sighted the flying object yesterday would be closely questioned. They will be asked to answer 24 questions including their qualifications.

One to be questioned will be the air traffic control officer Mr Tony Frodsham..."


I checked National Archives of Australia file series A703, control symbol 580/1/1 Part 4 which is the RAAF's own UAP file for reports between Jan 1963 and Dec 1965. The only reference to either of these sightings is a telegram which states that the sighting on 15 Jul 1965 is put down to a daylight observation of the planet Venus.

NAA file series A703 control symbol 554/1/30 Part 2 pp 71, 72 and 74 contains three other documents. However, nowhere on RAAF UAP files can you locate detailed report forms, and analysis of either event.

Have any readers any more information on either event?

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  1. In about 1998 I saw 2 cigar shapes floating across the sky. No lights though


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