Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Salisbury and the "cover-up"

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I am returning to the question of, is there an "official cover-up" of the UFO phenomenon? I discussed this in an earlier post (click here.) My re-examination was triggered by my recent reading of Frank Salisbury's "The Utah UFO Display." As a researcher of longstanding, who has recently returned to this field, I wondered what his views were on this question?

In his updated book he poses the question "Is the government really in possession of all the answers? I spent over thirty years in contact with NASA personnel, including serving on three or four NASA advisory panels, and I also had close contact with those studying Mars at NASA Ames. I could never see evidence of conspiracy. At one point I asked if  NASA might fund a UFO project if I could submit a good proposal. They said they might, but I never prepared such a proposal." (p.113.)

Later, Salisbury writes "A small part of my conversion to the government-knows-all hypothesis came in a late phone-call just as I returned from the MUFON symposium in August 2009. The call was from Jean Livingston Kamal, who had worked with me in the early 1960's. She told me about her life during the 1950's before she came to work with me. Her husband was an Air Force intelligence officer, first assigned to the Holloman, New Mexico, base. He was sworn to secrecy and never confided to her what he was doing, but as time passed, he became more and more stressed, apparently by his work. He began to drink heavily, and he had a nervous breakdown. At one point, after collapsing from too much alcohol, he muttered to Jean that "UFOs are real!" The stresses led to the breakup of their marriage. Was he working on UFOs at a highly secret level - deeper than Project Sign,  Grudge or Blue Book? One evidence in favour of that idea is that he often travelled to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio, which, it is now known, has been the central location for Air Force studies of UFOs." (p.148.)

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