Saturday, October 20, 2012

New book alert - "Lightquest" - Andrew Collins

Dear readers,

"Lightquest" is the title of a new book by English researcher Andrew Collins (click here). The book is subtitled "Your Guide to Seeing and Interacting with UFOs, mystery lights and Plasma Intelligences." No details of publisher or an ISBN is given on the author's website, suggesting the book is self-published.

According to his website, the book is "A new way to embrace the UFO phenomenon. Lightquest is a new concept in seeing and investigating the UFO phenomenon. It sees the phenomena observed as the product of sentient light forms and light intelligences that have co-existed with humanity since time immemorial. It reveals what they are, how to see them, where to see them and what to do if you do see them. It acts also as a field guide to some of Britain and the United States' top UFO hot spots."

Have any readers read the book? Would you care to share your thoughts on it?


  1. Yes, I've read the book and may post a review. A very interesting book building on Andrew Collins' earlier work. "Light Quest" argues for intelligent plasmic entities and possible dimensional contact. I think he overstates the significance of Project Condign given its declaration that "UFOs are real .... but their plasmas." The reality seems that whatever ideas flowed from the report are flawed somewhat by the flimsy quality of the UK UAS data that informed it. The majority of the UK MOD data was based on very limited sighting report data quite often nothing more than brief sighting report forms.
    Never-the-less Collins work is intriguing and should be read to see alternate views. I liked the work, but don't really accept the sell.

  2. It is not self published. It is published in the US by Eagle Wing Books. Look it up on Amazon for info. Bookstores should go to New Leaf Dist Co.

  3. Hi anonymous,

    Thank you for this information. I went to Adelaide's largest bookshop to order this book. After a deal of searching they informed me that they couldn't locate a source for it, and their opinion was that it was most likely self published. I am happy to be corrected.

  4. The book is distributed by New Leaf Distributing Co. -- they sell to every bookstore in the US as well as to Ingram Dist, etc. The book is published in the USA not in the UK. UK bookstores don't like to order from US distributors--the shipping costs and VAT tax become prohibitive. It's like saying that as far as the USA is concerned any book published in the UK is self published because it wasn't published by a US publisher.


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