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"After Disclosure" - new book alert - Dolan and Zabel

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South Australia, where I live, recently experienced a very unusual weather event - it snowed in October! At latitude 35 deg south, it very rarely snows at all, let alone in October - our spring. The snowfall was the talk of the city, featuring on hourly news broadcasts. It was certainly, an unexpected event. The fact of an  unusual occurrence ties in nicely with the subject of a 2012 published book, which I have just read.

"A.D. After Disclosure" is authored by Richard M Dolan, UFO historian (click here) , and Bruce Zabel, a TV writer. It was published by New Page Books of Pompton Plains, NJ, USA. The ISBN is 978-1-60163-222-7. The subtitle is "When the Government Finally Reveals the Truth About Alien Contact."

The book:

After a Foreword by Jim Marrs (click here) and a Preface by Stephen Bassett (click here) the introduction informs us of the book's premise. Firstly, it tells us that it is not a book debating whether or not UFOs are real. It says that "The evidence that something strange has been happening is voluminous and convincing." (p.17.) "Most people...have settled on one conclusion: some UFOs appear to be intelligently controlled physical craft of some kind from some place that is not here." (pp17-18.) This book is different from other UFO books because "Accepting that as our starting point makes our book different." (p.18.)

The authors do add a rider "Although the nature of this book is speculative we have worked hard to keep such speculation informed and supported by solid research." (p.21.)

The work starts with an imagined announcement by the  president of the United States that non-human species are visiting Earth. This announcement follows "...recently highly visible sightings of UFOs, including a mass sighting that had been well-documented." (p.25.) The authors use the scenario in an illustrative way, admiting that such an announcement might come from other than the US president, and might be triggered by other than a mass sighting.

The authors decide on their own terminology. The aliens become the "Others"; the people keeping the UFO secret from us become "The Breakaway Group;" and whatever causes Disclosure to occur becomes the "Trigger Event."  The authors propose that "Only something unexpected and overwhelming will force the secret-keepers to make some sort of public acknowledgement." (p.32.) They discuss types of Disclosure and their opinions on what would happen following such an announcement.

Chapter 2:

Here the authors start to build up the case for such a secret group. Witnesses to events are theatened; the creation of MJ-12; management of the press; people being ridiculed; and the subject denied by authorities. In addition the use of the Condon Committee is detailed. By 1986, the authors state, "...the concealment of this explosive information had moved beyond the US government structure." (p.66.)

Despite the release of UFO data by numerous countries over the years, the authors contend that "So, yes, there have been "disclosures" of varying types. But these are not "Disclosure." (p.67.)

They argue that " international UFO phenomenon needs a coordinated international cover-up." (p.67.) Using the analogy of international co-operation in the Echelon intelligence gathering system (click here); they propose a similar program of global UFO secrecy. Their conclusion is "Considering the obvious importance of the UFO phenomenon and the need for a secret infrastructure to deal with it, a detached analyst can assume that there are several UFO related black budget programs, and that some of the lost money has gone into funding them." (p.70.) They conclude that a clandestine group has advanced technology; know of the Others; and operate from secret bases.

Chapter three:

Essentially this chapter, titled "Endgame," boils down to the question "What will it take to create a condition where all the secret keepers can do is simply to get it over with?" (p.93.) The authors offer a list of nine possible "Trigger Events" with their most likely being "...a decision taken by the Others themselves." (p.94.) Each possibility is discussed.

"Threat Analysis":

Chapter four tackles the question of "Who ar they?"; "What do they want?"; and "Are we safe?" It takes a detailed look at various possible responses to each of these questions.

Tantilisng but anecdotal stories, provide some of the author's evidence for their main hypothesis namely the global cover-up group and the fact that Disclosure is inevitable. Here we find an account of a Dr Eric Walker (click here) and tales of recovered "machines" and "Four normal looking males were with it..." (p.147.) Evidence retireved by remote viewing also comes up at this point.


In chapter 5 speculation piles on speculation. The authors try and forcast the consequences of "Disclosure." "In the immediate aftermath, the world will go on red alert." (p.165.) Shops will close. Hoarding and looting will occur. "Sales of guns will be up at least 500 per cent from the previous year." (p.167.) 'There will be great fury directed at the governments of the world." (p.169.)

Chapter six:

This chapter opens with "Day One will unlease the same primal forces triggered by the assasination of President Kennedy  and the Vietnam War during the 1960's. Insecurity will rule..." (p.203.) This is followed by a discussion of a variety of circumstances for families; academia; political science; economics and popular culture. Again, speculation, of what might happen.

"Paradigm shift":

This chapter explores the possible reaction in terms of how humanity sees its place in the universe, after Disclosure. "Many anlysts have concluded that the announcement of intelligent life in the universe would destroy traditional religious faith." (p.236.)

The reaction of "Science" is explored, with questions asked such as "How did the Others manage to get here?" (p.245.) Pages 254-255 take a look at the sort of scientific questions which humanity still has to answer, which might be resolved if the Others co-operate with us.

Here we are also reminded that "As with all our examples, the claim is not that this particular chain of events will occur. Rather, by outlining one specific possibility, it is easier to understand the post-Disclosure dynamics that will be at work." (p.245.)

Exoploitics rising":

Chapter eight is a review of the roots of "Exopolitics" as written and talked about by such people as Alfred Webre (click here); Stephen Bassett (click here); Michael Salla (click here) and Steven Greer (click here.)

Here again, we find stories from unnamed 'insiders" such as "One inside source has told the authors of his "Professional knowledge" that Presidents Reagan and Bush (senior) were briefed on UFOs and extraterrestrials...' (p.277.) Another story involved a retired officer who relates how he interviewed a dying man about the man's observations of non-human bodies.

Final chapter:

The final chapter is  titled "Open letters." Here the authors directly address the "Keepers of the secret"; the Others and the readers of the book.

The first letter, to the "Keepers of the secret" in part, asks them "Do you really believe that only you have the right to know this information?" (p.306.) "Have you developed new technology that put humans on a better footing with the Others?" (p.308.)

To the Others their letter includes "The day will come when you are forced to deal with us in some manner more substantial, more mature, than you have hitherto." (p.310.)

To readers of the book, the authors say, among other things, "Now is the time to begin the transition from an Internet collected group of "conspiracy theorists" to a potent force of openness and honesty." (p.311.)


The book has 12 pages of source notes, and an index.


It is a pity that this book is so US focused, despite the authors putting forward that the hypothesised "Breakaway group" which keeps the secret, is global and not solely US, based.

I also tired of the "insider" accounts which continue the conspiracy approach so dominant in the US. There is a world outside the US, and various non-US governments have opened up their UFO files. It is not our fault that some US researchers feel that their government is keeping secrets. There are other approaches, such as the French Government's example through the current GEIPAN (click here.)

All in all, for me, the work was a disappointment. I feel it will appeal only to the same conspiracy theorists of which the authors write "Now is the time to begin the transition from an Internet collected group of "conspiracy theorists" to a potent force of openness and honesty." (p.311.)

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