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Cold case investigation - Frankston, Vic - July 1972 - Part three

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This is the third and final post in a series about events reported by a Victorian woman, Maureen Puddy.

RAAF file:

The RAAF file refers to media appearances. Investigators Garry Little and Bill Stapleton's report advises that on the 26 Jul 1972 Maureen telephoned three television stations and one interviewed her. Radio station 3AW had her speak on an open-line program, during which two other callers confirmed having seen something in the area at the time. The first, the wife of a man leading a cow, called to say that her husband had seen a blue light, but didn't go back to have a look. The second was one of a couple who reported having seen a blue light in the sky.

More events:

On or about 22 Feb 1973 Maureen says she heard the voice again, as it called out all night long. In the morning, she felt an eerie presence following her around. She received some type of "flash" telling her to go back to the place of contact. She rang Little and Stapleton but could get neither of them. She then contacted another UFO group and two of their investigators arranged to meet her at the spot.

While she was driving to the place of contact, a "man" appeared in the passenger seat of her vehicle, right beside her. The "man" had long, blonde hair and wore a ski suit of a fabric looking like white satin, tucked in at the arms. The trousers went over his feet and were baggy. He was sitting there looking straight ahead, legs together and hands placed on his knees. Maureen says she nearly ran the car off the road and almost crashed out of sheer shock. She noted that the headlights of oncoming cars shone "through him." After a while he just wasn't there any longer.

She arrived at the spot where she was to meet the two investigators and found they were already there. One of them got into her car on the front passenger's side and stated that there seemed to be a "presence" in the car. Their hair stood on end. Maureen then related what had happened to her on the way there.

All three sat in her car. The "man" appeared again on the side of the road, but only Maureen could see him. She thought that the "man" was motioning for her to get out of the car but she refused to do so.

The "room":

The "man" came over and stood right by the car. One of the investigators got out of the car and walked to where the "man" stood, but the "man" moved away from him. Maureen was asked to see whether she could make the "man" appear to them as well. She did this but the "man" shook his head.

Suddenly, Maureen went into a trance-like state, holding on to an investigator's hand. Maureen related that she was no longer in the car but instead was in  a "round room.The 1.6m tall "man" was also there. There was a strange "thing" in the room with them. The man suddenly disappeared. The "thing" was described as mushroom stemmed, with a flat top and a dome on top of this. There was a half-sphere inside, apparently floating around in fluid. Roman numerals, with what looked like Egyptian hieroglyphics were on it. This "machine" was swaying from side to side.

The "man" appeared again, telling Maureen to describe what she saw, which she did. The two investigators, sitting in the car, heard her describe where she was. Then Maureen became upset because she could not see any doors out of the room, nor any windows. There were no visible sources of illumination, yet the room was well lit. She started to panic and began to cry, then woke up from the trance-like state.

No recall:

Maureen told the two investigators that she could not remember anything she had just said to them. The investigators recalled what she had just told them. They all then went back to Maureen's house for a cup of tea. While at home, Maureen again found herself in the mysterious "room." However, on this occasion Maureen was simultaneously aware of being both in this room, and at home. This duality lasted only a short time.

A week later:

About a week later, on a rainy day, Maureen was out driving with her son, who by this time was out of hospital. The "man" from the "room" suddenly appeared, sitting between Maureen and her son, on the front bench seat of Maureen's car. The "man" then simply disappeared. They were on the Mooraduc Road at the time, this time in broad daylight. While the "man" had been there the rain seemed to stop and visibility was good. As soon as he had gone the rain returned. In somewhat of an understatement, Maureen, said that "This was not a normal event."

My comments:

Here is an event which started off along similar line to that of Yerecoin and Boyup Brook, but then became very complex. It remains one of the oddest Australian cases of its type. We have two encounters with an unsual aerial phenomenon; odd voices speaking to Maureen; a being appearing on a number of occasions, and several other reports from the night of one of the encounters.

3 Jul 1972 - Initial encounter with an object.

25 Jul 1972 - Second encounter. Vehicle reportedly stopped itself. "Message" given to Maureen.

Ca 22 Feb 1973 - Eerie presence at home. Called back to the location. "Man" appears in her car. "Man" appears while she is in presence of two investigators who cannot see him. Maureen lapses into an altered state of consciousness and describes being in a "room" somewhere.

Ca 29 Feb 1973 - "Man" again appears in her car.

According to the sources I consulted there were multiple witnesses to other events on the 25 Jul 1972.

1. Main Ridge - 38.4S 144.97E. Ca10km S of Dromana. Mr and Mrs Beale. Ca 10pm. Light travelling W to E at high speed. Whirring/humming noise. 2 minutes. Marked fluctuation in electric power.

2. Montrose - 38.8S 145.35E. Ca40km NNE of Frankston. Mr and Mrs Toal. After 8pm. 50 secs. Glow in sky to SSW. 5 deg elevation. Blue white object. No sound.

3. Knoxville - Mr and Mrs Davis. Between 2100-2200hrs. Object travelling NW to NW. High speed. 3 seconds. Blue/red/yellow lights.

4. Mooraduc Road -Man with cow. Saw blue light.

Only 4. ties in closely with Maureen's report. Unfortunately, no one interviewed this witness. It is said his wife called in to the 'talk back' show.

A check of the night sky for the 25 Jul 1972 at around 2115hrs confims that the Moon was full, and some 64 degrees above the ENE sky.

All in all, this is a perplexing example of the "core" phenomenon.

I'd be pleased to hear from anyone who can suggest any explanation for this series of events.

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  1. Fabulous research and presentation.,I love the past Australian, (cold case), UFO reports, which you delve into so precisely, and write up on so logically & literally. Best work on the net regarding this subject. ... ( i'm also a "coastie":) ). Many thanks.


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