Saturday, June 11, 2011

New book alert - Seargent

Dear readers

I came across a new book the other day which I found of interest. It's title is "Weird Astronomy: Tales of Unusual, Bizarre and Other Hard to Explain Observations." The author is Australian David A J Seargent. Published 2011 by Springer. ISBN 978-1-441-9642-36.

David has been an amateur astronomer for many years, specialising in observations of comets, and is a well known contributor to astronomy magazines. He holds a doctorate degree in Philosophy, but is now a full time writer on science topics.

This book, according to his own words " about the weird side of astronomy - anecdotes, oddities, factual trivia, and titillating tales." (p.v11.) Here you will find tales of unusual observations, which at the time challenged the establishment, but now seen from a distance, allow us to see that even these sort of apparently anomalous events can be used to see the bigger picture.

The UFO connection:

I believe this is the same David Seargent who was one of the founders of The Australian Centre for UFO Studies back in 1974, alongside Harry Griesberg, (click here )and who wrote the book "UFOs: A Scientific Enigma" published by Sphere in 1978. This book was one of the first truly scientific Australian UFO books.

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