Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What's missing?

The recent media release stating that the defense department here in Australia was unable to locate files on UFO's is a little concerning. But my personal concern was to have a little giggle. You see, according to the news reporter that spoke to me about our work at AURA in uncovering such files, I learned that Fairfax media had in fact sent in an F.O.I. as late as May this year (2011) and at the very least, was returned with an answer after several months of searching that such files could not be located.

In September of 2010, Mary Rodwell was involved in a documentary on SBS in which both Mary and her son Chris, Larraine Cilia (my partner) and myself were invited to take part in one segment of the film taken down in Canberra. I suggested that it would be a good opportunity to visit the archives and 'pull' some files to view.

Knowing that we at AURA had a summary of those files, I looked up several from our AURA catalogue and promptly ordered them to be produced on the day. Sure enough, when we turned up, there they were. This was September mind you, but it does seem a bit strange that we filmed them as late as all this yet now they are 'missing'. All I can say is that the NAA has all of the files we requested for digitising on display on-line. AURA has paper copies and digitial imaging of all else that we found. "So if you have any requests", I told the lady reporter, "just give us a call!"
Dominic, Secretary

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  1. Did you see the lawrence leung program about UFOs on SBS tonight?


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