Sunday, June 19, 2011

Element 115 and Bob Lazar

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An article in the 11 June 2011 edition of "New Scientist" magazine titled "Heaviest elements yet join the periodic table" page 11, advises that new elements have been recognised by science.

The Joint Working Party on Discovery of Elements recognised elements 114 and 116 on the periodic table.

The article states, in part, "The committee also considered discovery claims for elements 113, 115 and 118, but said the evidence was not yet strong enough to add them to the periodic table."

Why is this of interest to UFO researchers?

A while ago, one Bob Lazar said that in 1988 he was interviewed and later offered a job as "senior staff physicist" in a classified research program and worked for a while at S-4, near Area 51 in the USA. There he said he had seen and touched flying discs. While there, he learnt "...that the discs at S-4 propelled themselves via energy generated by a mineral that doesn't occur naturally on Earth. He labels this element "115." (page 71, "Darlington, David. "The Dreamland Chronicles: The Legends of Area 51, America's Most Secret Military Base," Little, Brown and Company, London, 1998. ISBN 0-316-64406-4.)

So, Lazar's claims about element 115 remain unproven.

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    "Bob Lazar shatters the cloak of secrecy surrounding the Unites States military's most highly sensitive operations located at an area known as S4 of Area 51, in the Nevada Air Force Range. Lazar gives a full account of Alien spacecraft the Government has hidden at S4 as well as details on their propulsion systems and how they operate. Bob Lazar was part of the reverse-engineering team."

    Say what you want about Bob, this is a great video. Truth? BS? It's still worth a watch.


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