Friday, June 24, 2011

Female investigative journalists and UFO research - Linda Moulton Howe

Based in the USA, Linda Moulton Howe graduated from Stanford University with a Masters degree in Communication and has spent many years as an investigative journalist and reporter.

Science, the environment and medicine have been some of the areas where she has produced stories in film, radio and television.

Her paranormal interests have included studying crop circles; animal mutilations; the Laos "Wildman" and of course, the UFO phenomenon.

Four books have been authored by Linda:

An Alien Harvest. (Click here.)

Glimpses of other realities, Volumes 1 and 2. (Click here.)

Mystery lights and crop circles. (Click here.)

She has extensively lectured throughout the world, and will be visiting Australia for a lecture tour, in July 2011.

Linda currently reports and edits "Earthfiles" (click here.)

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  1. Love Linda's work on Coast to Coast.
    She is one of the best.


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