Monday, May 16, 2011

Rendlesham Forest case update

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For those who have been following recent updates on the Rendlesham Forest UFO case - (click here) said by some to be "The British Roswell," here is more.

Fortean Times:

In an item on Rendelsham's 30th anniversary, Fortean Times magazine number 272 page 26, authors Andy Roberts and Dr David Clarke report that two key witnesses, Jim Penniston and John Burroughs returned to Rendelsham.

The column states "...the only real development was Jim Penniston's revelation that he is a contactee who receives telepathic communication from UFO occupants."

Also revealed, "...Penniston added more to the list by identifying yet another new location for the UFO landing site...He also admitted that he had previously led TV crews to the wrong place in the forest. Then there's the unresolved question of his notebook entry that gives the wrong date for the "close encounter" in the woods...The former airman now claims that the day after the encounter he received a "download" of 12 pages of binary code that he felt compelled to write down. Somehow, though, he overlooked mentioning this vital piece of information to anyone for 30 years!"

"The aftermath of the 30th anniversary saw even some diehard proponents willing to admit that these new embellishments had damaged the credibility of both the original stories and its narrators."


For a comprehensive view of Rendelsham, based on the official UK Government file on the case, see Dr David Clarke's blog
(click here)

As with Roswell, the debate as to what actually happened in Rendlesham Forest shows no sign of abating. For the average researcher such as myself the myriad pieces of information about this case, keeps getting ever more complicated, and therefore difficult to form an informed viewpoint.

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