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Joe Firmage and The Day After Roswell

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In my last two posts I wrote about the 1997 book "The Day After Roswell," and its effect on Paul Hellyer, a former Canadian Minister of Defence, in the 1960's.

I got to wondering who else might have taken Corso's book to heart and was surprised to find that Internet entrepreneur Joe Firmage was also a Corso supporter.


Joe Firmage was born in 1970 in the USA and became an Internet entrepreneur. Firmage and others founded a company called US Web in 1997. However, Firmage left the $2 billion company in 1999 after widely expressing his views about UFOs (source: click here.)

Firmage was quoted in the San Francisco Chronicle as saying "I believe so much in this theory" and "I am in a unique position to communicate an extremely important message. I have the money, credibility, scientific grounding and faith." Firmage also related his support of the theory that some scientific advances came from the 1947 Roswell UFO crash.

In the Chronicle article, Firmage stated that he was leaving the company to ensure it " not impacted in any negative way." (Source: click here.) Other sources added that "To escalate matters, at the same time he began a very public campaign to attract readers to his online book, en tilted "The Truth", in which he talked about alien visitations, intergalactic travel and a host of unconventional economic and scientific theories..." (Source: click here.)

This source also stated "One of the things that certainly affected my life very deeply early on was the work of Carl Sagan."

Asked if his opinions had changed between 1998 and 2000 he responded "I wouldn't say I've reversed any position at all, but I've gained a clearer view on all the things I've written about, whether it be science, the trajectory of economics, extraterrestrial life, whatever."

His "visitation":

"I never said I was definitely visited by an extraterrestrial...those were not my words...What I'd say is that I woke up one morning and experienced the appearance of a human-like figure in my room. And we proceeded to have a conversation about space travel. And five minutes later he was gone. Was it my future self? Was it an extraterrestrial, or the consciousness of one? Was it a sleep paralysis episode? Or was it simply a bad potato? I do not know..."

Elsewhere (source: click here ) the encounter is said to have been at 6.10am. "A remarkable being clothed in brilliant white light, appeared hovering over my bed in my room," he writes "Out of him emerged an electric blue sphere, just smaller than a basketball, which was swirling with what looks like electrical arcs. It left his body, floated down and entered me."

"The Truth":

His online book "The Truth" was released on the Internet. and he stated that the impetus for the book was his own encounter; "authentic" Majestic 12 documents, and the discovery that the Roswell 1947 crash led to fiber optics, and integrated circuits, among other things. This latter belief appears to have come from reading Corso's 1997 book "The Day After Roswell."

"Firmage has been inspired to act on his new found knowledge because of a book he read by Eugene Linden...The Future in Plain Sight..."


Following his withdrawal from US Web in 1999, Firmage created "International Space Sciences Organization." This was "...dedicated to raising awareness of future technological breakthroughs, consciousness,and future civilisations." (Source: click here.)

Jump to 2011:

"These days, Firmage focuses on his original field of study, physics, and endeavors closer to home, like solving Earth's energy woes. He founded ManyOne, which states that it is dedicated to its "mission of building a network of socially responsible organisations and individuals." (Source: click here.) For the latest on ManyOne click here.

A Vallee aside:

As an interesting addition to Joe Firmage's views, I found the following.

In his forward to John Alexander's book "UFOs: myths, conspiracies and realities" (Thomas Dunne Books. New York. 2011) Jacques Vallee comments:

",,,unidentified flying objects, a topic of frequent discussion among high technology entrepreneurs with whom I worked and networked in California, understandably so, since the apparent behaviour of these objects raised fundamental issues about physics, advanced materials and physiological reaction among human witnesses." (p xv.)


It seems to me, that there remains many individuals currently quietly interested in the subject of the UFO phenomenon. However, their interest is just that, quiet, possibly even secret.

Here in Australia, I am not aware of any entrepreneurs who have openly voiced their interest in the UFO phenomenon.

Dear readers, have you come across any?

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  1. For what it is worth ... Joe is no less passionate about his interest, just quieter over the past 6 years for a variety of reasons. He may yet pull off a Jobs-like turnaround in perception.


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