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Area 51 and Roswell - new book alert

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Annie Jacobsen, an investigative journalist living in Los Angeles, California, in the USA has done what few others have been able to do. She has written a definitive account of the top secret military base known as Area 51. However, what makes this new book so good, is that her information comes from insiders, people who worked at the base.

The book is titled "Area 51: An Uncensored history of America's top secret military base." Published in 2011 by Orion. London. ISBN 978-1-40914-1136.


Although the book features comments about UFOs throughout its length, this post concerns only part of Chapter 21 and the Epilogue. The chapter is titled "Revelation."

Jacobsen writes that "The reason why the federal government will not officially admit that Area 51 exists is not the secret spy planes, the stealth bombers, or the drones that were, and still are, flight-tested there. The reason is something else. It is a program undertaken by five EG&G engineers at Area 51. This program involved the Roswell crash remains..."

"Area 51 is named as such not because it was a randomly chosen quadrant, as has often been presumed, but because the 1947 crash remains from Roswell, New Mexico, were sent from Wright-Patterson Air Force Base out to a secret spot in the Nevada desert-in 1951." (p.367.)


What is Jacobsen's source for this extraordinary claim? It is a who, not a what. A man, whom Jacobsen interviewed multiple times. A former engineer who worked for the defence contractor EG&G.

The story he told Jacobsen is as follows. "The crash did reveal a disc, not a weather balloon...And responders from the Roswell Army Air Field found not only a crashed craft, but also two crash sites, and they found bodies alongside the crashed craft...They were human guinea pigs...They were grotesquely deformed...They had unusually large heads and abnormally shaped oversize eyes...Two...were still alive." (p.368.)

"The Atomic Energy Commission not the Air Force, and not the Central Intelligence Agency was put in charge of the Roswell crash remains." (p.368.)

Engineers working for the defence contractor EG&G "...were chosen to receive the crash remains and to set up a secret facility just outside the boundary of the Nevada Test Site..." (pp368-9.)

"The men from EG&G were told that the project they were about to work on was so important that it would remain black forever...The operation would have no name, only a letter number designation: S-4, or sigma-four." (p369.)


"There were two puzzles to solve, not just one...There was the crashed craft that had been sent by Stalin-with its Russian writing stamped or embossed in a ring around the inside of the one working on the project...had been able to discern what made Stalin's craft hover and fly. Not even the German Paperclip scientists who had been assigned to assist...Reverse engineer it, Vannevar Bush said..." (pp369-70.)

The second puzzle was the humans found with the craft. The story which the engineers were told was that the German scientist Dr Josef Mengele, who experimented on people, joined forces with Stalin.

"The EG&G engineers were told that part of Joseph Stalin's offer to Joseph Mengele stated that if he could create a crew of grotesque, child-size aviators for Stalin, that he would be given a laboratory in which to continue his work." (p371.)

"When Joseph Stalin sent the biologically and/or surgically re engineered children in the craft over New Mexico hoping it would land there, the engineers were told Stalin's plan was for the children to climb out and be mistaken for visitors from Mars...This, says the engineer is what he and the others in the group were told." (p.372.)

Jacobsen writes of this informant that "He is the only one of the original elite group of EG&G engineers who is still alive." (p372.)

When Jacobsen queried the engineer "Why didn't President Truman reveal the truth in 1947?" she was informed ""Because we were doing the same thing," he said. "They wanted to push science...we performed medical experiments on handicapped children and prisoners." (p372.)

The engineer told Jacobsen that although they weren't doctors they conducted these experiments under the oversight of the Atomic Energy Commission.

Asked when the work had concluded "At least through the 1980's it was still going on." (p373.)

Atomic Energy Commission:

"According to my source, the Atomic Energy Commission conducted experiments on humans in a classified government facility in the Nevada desert beginning in 1951..." (p374.)

After relating historical known facts about Stalin and US President Truman Jacobsen writes "It follows that Stalin's black propaganda hoax-the flying disc peopled with alien look-alikes that wound up crashing near Roswell, New Mexico-could have been the Soviet Dictator's revenge for Truman's betrayal at Crossroads. The flying disc at Roswell,says the EG&G engineer , was "...a warning shot across Truman's bow." Stalin may not have had the atomic bomb just yet, be he had seminal hover and fly technology pilfered from the Germans and he had stealth." (p377.)


Jacobson cites Gene Poteat, a CIA officer assigned to the National Reconnaissance Office as saying "Hitler invented stealth... Hitler's stealth bomber was called the Horton Ho 229..." (p377.)

Jacobson's informant said that he knew about research into the Roswell disc's 'power plant.'"

"There was another [important] engineer ," he explains. That engineer was assigned the task of learning about Stalin's hover technology...we figured it out...We've had hover and fly technology all this time." (p379.)

Who flew the disc?

The engineer says he was told the flying disc was piloted remotely, but offered almost no information about what would have had to have been the larger aircraft from which this early 'drone' was launched." (p381.)


I put down this book and a million questions came into my mind. Perhaps, though they all came down to just one in the end. How much, if any, of Jacobsen's source's information is true?

For, in the end, like Corso's "The Day After Roswell," we have a single source, telling an incredible story. I'm off to search the net to see what others are making of this book.


  1. Oh dear.
    I ordered this book.

    From what I'd previously read I thought it was actually going to be a reputable book that dealt with facts and not wild and unsupported claims.

    Seems like I might have been wrong and I've wasted my money once again.

  2. The most ridiculous Roswell story I have herd to-date.....

  3. Regarding the Stalin story, there is a James Blish short story called "Tomb Tapper" which may be the origin of this account.


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