Thursday, February 3, 2011

Secret UFO study in the USA?

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If you have been watching the news, via any source, you will see that our state of Queensland has been battered by a category 5 cyclone - a very unusual weather event indeed. Here in Adelaide, South Australia, in the last week we have experienced 42 degree Celsius heat. Today it is forecast to be 34 degrees.

In today's post I return to a subject dear to my heart, which is intelligence agencies and UFOs. I have previously posted about the CIA's interest in the subject in the 1970's (see posts on Dr Christopher "Kit" Green.) Have we any evidence that intelligence agencies continued an interest beyond the 70's?

Leslie Kean's book:

In her new book, "UFOs'" (see the post re this here) Leslie Kean, discusses this topic in chapter 23 titled "Government cover-up: Policy or Myth?" Among other things, she relates the finding of a document from the United Kingdom. The document, Kean states, "...comes close to verifying the existence of such a secret group in America-the only legitimate, confirmed government document to do that, to my knowledge." (p.238.)

The document:

The one page document was written in 1993, titled "Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Study" and proposed a study, which was later carried out as Project Condign. "The document "Initiated by the Defence Intelligence Staff... Written by his counterpart in the DIS, it was addressed to Pope's superior "SEC(AS)2," the Air Staff deputy director, and classified "Secret UK eyes A." (p.238.)

Kean presents a relevant paragraph:

"2. I am aware, from intelligence sources, that XXXXX believes that such phenomena exist and has a small team studying them. I am also aware that an informal group exists in the XXXXXXXXXXXX community and it is possible that this reflects a more formal organisation." (p.239.)

Kean's analysis concludes that the first redaction is "Russia" and the second redaction "US intelligence."

Later she says "If indeed, this interpretation is correct, and I have every reason to believe that it is, this document references a secret group within the US intelligence world actively studying UFOs." (p.240.)

Then "The public position of the US government is that they haven't investigated UFOs since 1970...But this British document-the provenance of which is beyond dispute-potentially blows this claim out of the water." (p.240.)

Have any readers come across any more information of this secret study, and any others since 1993?


  1. Maybe it might be worth your while to check out John Alexander's new book "UFOs - Myths, conspiracies and realities" He allegedly looked for the "secret study" within the US intelligence community, didn't find it, and perhaps the "secret group" may have been his own that operated in the late 1980s and 1990s under the "cover" name of the "Advanced Theoretical Group". It was probably Alexander's group that Howard Blum stumbled across and gives a somewhat mangled account of in his book "Out There."

  2. I think you also have to consider that there will be sub-groups in the US outside any central US control groups that have pieces of the puzzle, but would not be "read into" the central control group. Among these I would include elements in JPL, NASA, NRO, etc. Individuals in these organizations could probably get close to having a general understanding of the overall puzzle -- by virtue of their work in these organizations, particularly in counterintelligence -- but not have access to any of the people or the information "owned" by people who would be officially "read into" the central group.

  3. To state the US government has not investigated ufos since the 1970s is ludicrous. They constantly monitor the skies, 24/7, and have obviously documented everything that has entered US airspace. Somewhere, true ufos have been logged, cataloged and categorized simply by virtue of the fact that it would be a matter of national security. Their denial of that fact speaks to seriousness with which they value the information they collect and their unwillingness to share that information a consequence of having to protect intelligence technologies and their capabilities.


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