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Government and science ignore UFOs

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Leslie Kean:

In her book "UFOs," Leslie Kean has a chapter titled "Militant Agnosticism and the UFO Taboo." The chapter is written by Dr Alexander Wendt and Dr Raymond Duvall. They are political scientists in the US, who published a paper "Sovereignty and the UFO" in a scholarly journal named "Political Theory." (Click here to read the paper.)

Leslie Kean sums up that paper by stating "Provided a complex, detailed, and deeply thoughtful analysis of why governments systematically ignore the UFO phenomenon even despite the over-whelming evidence for its existence." (p.269.)

"There is a taboo on this book-the UFO elite culture - the structure of authoritative belief and practice that determines what "reality" officially is." (p.271.)

"One manifestation of the UFO taboo is official disinterest in responding to UFOs or in finding out what they take UFOs seriously is to call one's seriousness into question..." (pp271-2)

"Out thesis is that the origins of the taboo are political. As political scientists, we are concerned with a possible connection between the need to dismiss the UFO and the way in which modern people organize and govern our societies. The inability to see clearly and talk rationally about UFOs seems to be a symptom of authoritative anxiety, a socially subconscious fear of what the reality of the UFO might mean for modern governments." (pp275-6.)

"In sum, the UFO creates a deep, unconscious insecurity in which certain possibilities are unthinkable because of their inherent danger. In this respect the UFO taboo is akin to denial in psychoanalysis: the sovereign represses the UFO out of fear of what it might reveal about itself." (p.277.)

Vallee and Aubeck:

Turning to another book, "Wonders in the Sky" by Jacques Vallee and Chris Aubeck. In their introduction, the authors state:

"We will show that unidentified flying objects have had a major impact not only on popular culture but on our history, on our religion, and on the models the world humanity has formed since it has evolved a culture that includes writing, science, and the preservation of historical records ion stone, clay, parchment, papers and electronic media." (p.9.)

They then pose the question, "So why hasn't science taken notice?" and go on "Given the robust nature of the phenomenon and the enormous interest it elicits among the public, you would think that interdisciplinary teams of historians, anthropologists, sociologists and physical scientists would rush to study it." (p.9.)

"The answer lies with the arrogance of academic knowledge and in the fact that our best and brightest scientists have never bothered to inform themselves about the extent and reliability of the sightings." (p.9.)

Thus, both Governments and Science ignore the UFO phenomenon.

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