Friday, February 4, 2011

ASIO and Australian UFO groups


During the period when the Disclosure Australia Project ( was actively pursuing Australian Federal government UFO files, I requested files, if any, held by the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) ( on a number of Australian UFO groups.

Initially, none was found. However, later, unannounced, one file did turn up in the files of the National Archives of Australia (

The file:

File series A6122, control symbol 2155 titled "Flying Saucer Research Bureau (Qld)" was that file.

Recently, on revisiting this ASIO file in the Archives, I was surprised to find that the digital version now has more released pages on it.

There is now a memo from the OIC South Australia Police Special Branch, dated 4 January 1962 with a copy to ASIO, South Australia, which went on to ASIO headquarters. This memo is a cover letter for a report.

The report, reference 2188/67) has a subject of "Australian Flying Saucer Research Society. Allegations of attempted take-over by pro-communist Sydney group." It states that Fred Stone, a former president of the Australian Flying Saucer Research Society (AFSRS) had called into South Australian Police's Special Branch (click here for more.) Stone told them that he feared the AFSRS "...were in danger of being taken-over by a Sydney group known as the UFO Investigation Centre, whose headquarters was situated in Sydney, New South Wales."

The report continued "Former members of the Adelaide committee, who resigned on the 3rd November 1961, were concerned at this manoeuvre as they believed the Sydney society was "pink" in outlook..."

Stone stated that the present unrest had been instigated by Mrs J Ingram-Moore, otherwise known as June Marsden..." For more on June Marsden see a piece by Bill Chalker here.

Stone mentioned the names of some UFOIC members; namely Andrew Tomas, Dr Lindtner and Dr Clifford.

In preparing the report, the South Australian Police Special Branch had obtained information from the News South Wales Police Special Branch. The information provided by the NSW branch included personal details on each of the three men, then concluded "The UFO Investigation Centre has not previously come under the notice of this Branch. The only person referred to in the attached Dr Lindtner." The report included information about organisational affiliations of Lindtner's.

The NSW Special Branch's input concluded with "In view of the above information, it would appear that Mr Stone's fears may not be entirely groundless."

My comments:

1. It would appear that some unknown person requested ASIO to review its previously non-release of this specific report, and was successful.
2. The release of these papers provides a little more insight into Australian UFO group "politics" of the 1960's.
3. From this ASIO file we know that ASIO had looked into three Australian UFO groups, namely the Queensland Flying Saucer Research Bureau (based in Brisbane) the UFO Investigation Centre (Sydney) and the Australian Flying Saucer Research Society (Adelaide.)
4. For more on this ASIO file please read the Newsletters of the Disclosure Australia Project at
5. You can look at the digital version of this file by following:
a. Go to http://www,
b. Click on "RecordSearch" top right hand corner of the screen
c. Click on "search now as a guest"
d. Click on the tab "RecordSearch advanced search"
e. Click on "items"
f. In the box "item control symbol" type in 2155
g. Go through the list until you find the Queensland file
h. Click on the file and then open up the digital version.


  1. Interesting stuff and similar to the US experience in terms of internal and societal conflicts in ufology. Competition, rivalry and the presence of security services monitoring for 'pinkos' and secret projects being leaked as 'UFOs' seems to have been a feature into the 60s and early 70s.

    The AIC link is also interesting. The final link to the naa site is broken. If possible, edit the comma after 'www' and change it to a full stop.

    Nice post.


  2. The file was initially started by ASIO due to Scientology as this was a fairly clandestine new movement back in 1972, they had concerns about passing govt papers along to them as his main workplace was a Govt Mailing house, yes he was researcher of UFo's mainly reaserching Ron Hubbards UFO Theories, The Australian Govt took The Scientology Movement Seriously and theorised it was going to be a mass takover by;it is really why ASIO was investigating These UFO Researchers not because of the research they were doing or any evidence they uncovered but moreso their connections with you've purposeley left that major fact out in bringing this article to everyones attantion.

    1. There are several references to scientology on the file, so your suggestion is a valid one.


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