Friday, February 26, 2010

"Reading the Enemy's Mind" 3

Continuing a look at Paul H Smith's book.

June 1988. David Morehouse (click here for more) was an Army Captain who joined the program. p 375. Later he wrote a book called "Psychic warrior."

December 1988. Ed Dames transferred out of Sun Streak and left for even more secretive work then retired, in October 1991.

In 1989 for 10 months the program's operational control was transferred from the DIA to the Army. The Army wished to gather data about the value of the program and chose a task of counter narcotics to test it out. p401.

On page 418 a UFO story from Saudi Arabia is described. "Captain Kent Johnson an Air Force liaison officer with my brigade, saw the shadow of a UFO. A couple of weeks prior to the ground invasion of Iraq, Kent was flying as an Air Force observer in an OH-58 scout helicopter with an Army pilot. They were flying at 500 feet in support of an exercise in an area with no other aircraft. As Kent described it, the two pilots simultaneously noticed a shadow moving in a straight line across the desert floor at more than 1,000 miles per hour, as they estimated."The shadow was more than 200 yards across. Oval sharp, well defined edges-rapidly approaching. Traveling SE to NW. No object seen just shadow. Shadow disappeared into heat waves.
10 minutes later they again saw the shadow on an exact reverse course. "As our tracks started to close...the shadow instantly stopped dead, with no apparent they neared it, it abruptly returned to high moment it was standing still, and the next it was moving at 800-1,000 knots...disappeared to the southeast." (Source: Kent D Johnson email 27/5/98.)

In late 1989 Ed Dames formed a commercial remote viewing company -PSI Tech. John Alexander (click here for more on Alexander) and Bert Stubblebine (click here for more) joined the corporate board.

In 1991 the project's name was changed from Sun Streak to Star Gate. p421.

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