Monday, February 22, 2010

"Reading the Enemy's Mind" 2

US Army Lt Fred Holmes Atwater was sent to Fort Meade in the Systems Exploitation Detachment - and in a desk drawer he found three secret documents on remote viewing. Fred became lead man on "Project Gondala Wish" in 1977. pp107-108. From this came the suggestion that "INSCOM should train its own set of military remote viewers..." (Click here for more on Atwater.)

"Fred told me to look for a guy by the name of Ed Dames...he worked at the Systems Exploitation Detachment an analyst specializing in biological and chemical threats." pp45/46. "Most of the four hour trip Ed spent talking about space aliens and UFOs..." "But I remained agnostic on the subject of UFOs...There was a core group of eyewitness accounts that seemed compelling." (Click here and click here and here for more on Ed Dames.)

"Ed was very persuasive, He exuded confidence, seemed knowledgeable and hinted at insider access to some of the details..." p146.

p213. "One evening toward the end of May 1984...Ed went on at length in the most convincing tone about UFOs and what they portended for the pending End of the World, which he was sure was imminent...Ed implied without ever really saying that he had inside knowledge of just what the Government wasn't divulging about UFOs and extraterrestrials."

In 1984 the Army decided to close Center Lane, the Army remote viewing group. There were, however a number of agencies who wished to take on the project. "The CIA had expressed an interest in taking the project...NSA wanted us, as did the Army Medical Research and Development Command. ..." p 226. Later, only two viable options emerged, to the DIA or the Medical Research and Development Command. p227.

Comment: It is very interesting that three other agencies were looking to take on this remote viewing program; seemingly an indication that they believed there was some value in the results being obtained.

In late 1984, the Center Lane program looked to be transferred from the Army to DIA at Bolling AFB in Washington DC. p236. A problem in transfer occurred and "In effect, DIA would give us our marching orders, but INSCOM would still "own us."" p245. On 31 Jan 1986 the program became DIA's Sun Streak, p269.

Dale Graff. "Dale was kept busy...not only as Jack Vorona's acting officer for the ongoing remote viewing research that DIA funded, but also as the agency's monitor of developments in Parapsychology behind the Iron Curtain." p270. (Click here for more on Dale Graff, and here for more on Vorona.))

1987. "Ed was my monitor for several training sessions. Most of his choices of targets in those training sessions had to do with "anomaly" targets-UFOs, extraterrestrials, modern mysteries, or ancient artifacts, such as the Ark of the Covenant." p283.

p308. Ed on a remote viewing monitoring Paul. "The "most important thing" he was looking for was tied into his fantasies about a "Supreme Galactic Council" of aliens. Despite his previous denials, he really had expected me to gather intelligence on UFOs or extraterrestrials"

1988 "From the beginning Ed was absorbed in elaborate speculations on UFOs and extraterrestrials." p342.

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