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"Reading the enemy's mind" 1

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I mentioned a couple of posts ago that I was taking volume 2 of Vallee's diaries with me to Perth. I managed to completely re-read it while I was away from Adelaide.

The very last reference on page 517 is to a book titled "Reading the Enemy's Mind" by Paul H Smith. I tracked down a copy of the book to see why Vallee rated it as excellent. My version was published in 2005 by Tom Doherty Associates of New York. ISBN 0-312-87515-0.

The story for Smith started when he joined the US Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM for short) in about 1983. An element of INSCOM" were looking into hypnosis, neurolinguistic programming, sleep disciplines, biofeedback, Silva Mind control, and other methods-conventional and unconventional-for boosting organisational efficiency and promoting individual growth." p30. It became INSCOM's Beyond Excellence Program. A staff agency called "The Advanced Human Technology Office" was created with John Alexander as chief. p 32.

Smith joined a project called "Center Lane" p41 which was about remote viewing. Remote viewing was a term coined by Ingo Swann in 1971 in experiments conducted by the American Society for Psychical Research in New York. Remote viewing seemed to be the ability to project something of one's self to a distant location and describe what was there.

The CIA became interested in Swann's work with Dr Hal Puthoff of Standford Research Institute, in 1972. "on June 27, 1972 Puthoff wrote concerning the magnetometer experiment to CIA scientist Kit Green, who occupied the Life Science desk in the agency's Office of Strategic Intelligence (OSI) starting a long term relationship with one of the more important figures in the CIA to support the SRI remote viewing program." p64.


This is the same Dr Christopher (Kit) Green whom Vallee reports on in Volume 2 of his diaries, as being the CIA person who monitored UFO research. The reference in the back of the diaries is "Ken Kress, "Parapsychology in Intelligence: A personal review and conclusions.: Studies in Intelligence, Washington DC: Central Intelligence Agency, Winter 1977. Republished in Journal of Scientific Exploration Vol 13 No 1 Spring 1999, 69-85.

Vallee's name crops up on p72. "In a meeting with Puthoff, and Targ, during a visit to SRI, scientist Jacques Vallee, the legendary UFO researcher, made an interesting suggestion. "All you really need is an address," Vallee observed after some discussion."

After three years, CIA funding ceased. The SRI project continued with funding from the USAF Foreign Technology Division, the Army, Navy and private enterprise. p85.

Jack Vorona, scientist at the DIA, oversaw the technical intelligence division of DIA. "He was also interested in parapsychology..." p 102. DIA financed the SRI research-Project Grill Flame." "Another official at DIA who became involved was Jim Salyer." p102.

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