Thursday, December 17, 2009

The UFO cover up - part 3

p188. "...but the lawsuit was effectively over and the NSA's 135 UFO papers still remain cloaked in mystery."

p189. Further FOI action revealed a 21 page NSA affidavit used to explain to lawyers and judges involved NSA's position on non-release of UFO documents. It was released with deleted sections, and said that 239 UFO documents were found at NSA. 79 originated with other agencies, so 160 were NSA's. 4 documents were released in part of failed to be answerable to the original request, leaving 156 left. This figure was not the 135 publicly stated.

Going back to p82 on a second read through.
DIA report on 19/9/76 Tehran, Iran UFO report. An F-4 aircraft was launched to check out a light in the sky 40NM north of Tehran. Object seen from 70 miles away. Aircraft approached to 25NM of UFO. Lost instrumentation and communications. After turning away the instrumentation etc came back on.

A second F-4 was launched. It radar locked on UFO at 27NM. Object moved away. Object had flashing strobe lights in rectangular pattern, blue, Green, red and orange lights. Then another bright object came out of the first object and quickly approached the plane. The pilot attempted to fire a missile but weapons control panel and communications were lost. Then a second object came out of the UFO and headed to the ground and apparently landed there.

Attached to the DIA report was a DIA report evaluation form. Check boxes indicated that the UFO report was "confirmed by other sources", the value of the information was "high" and "potentially useful."

All in all, I found this 25 year old book a valuable source of early information on the US intelligence agency's views on the UFO phenomenon.

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