Wednesday, December 30, 2009

More NSA UFO documents

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The next documents from the FOIA page of the National Security Agency are:

3. Affidavit of Eugene F Yeates -Citizens Against Unidentified Flying Objects Secrecy v NSA

This is the public version of the secret 21 page "in camera" affidavit previously described. The CIA conducted a document search for its own FOIA case, and found a number of NSA documents in its own (CIA) files. The NSA argued against the release of its COMINT reports.

4. "UFO files" The untold story by Patrick Huyghe.

5. "Government's super-secret security agency warns: take UFOs seriously or be prepared for sneak invasion by space aliens" by Thomas L Muldoon, National Enquirer.

6. "The US Government and the Iran case" -IUR report. (IUR being the Center for UFO Studies International UFO Reporter journal.)

7. "Report of UFO crash in 47 called false by science panel" by the New York Times.

8. "What the US Government knows about Unidentified Flying Objects" Peter Gersten, Frontiers of Science.

9. "Is the CIA stone walling" by Richard hall.

10. "The Government and UFOs." This is a 2 page item dated May-June 1981 , one page is marked page 27, of a publication, possibly "Frontiers of Science" magazine.It argues that objects which can access our nuclear installations and affect aircraft systems warrant scientific study. It refers to a 1968 NSA report-which is apparently the 1968 "UFO hypothesis and survival questions" released by the NSA in 1980. Also referred to is the 1967 Cuban aircraft encounter, stating that the source "...alleges that all reports, tapes, log entries , and notes on the incident were forwarded to the national Security Agency at their request."

Comment: These are all open source documents that any member of the public would have been able to get hold of. Someone in the NSA was gathering UFO material and it ended up on an NSA file.

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