Thursday, December 17, 2009

The UFO cover up - part 2

p132. referring to the global wave of 1954. "...but what was not known until the release of the CIA files is the fact that the CIA collected many of the sightings through normal intelligence channels..."

p135. In 1956. The Applied Science Division of the CIA's Office of Scientific Intelligence was assigned to hold incoming UFO reports. "...might provide information on foreign weapons research and development."

p143. CIA 1976. Memos discussing a 1976 UFO study by an undisclosed source. "Source seeks guidance from CIA UFO experts as to material in his report that should remain classified."

"The UFO study was passed to Dr ...(Adds & T)." "It does not seem that the government has any formal program in progress for the identification/solution of the UFO phenomenon. Dr... feels that the efforts of independent researchers...are vital for further progress in this area. At the present time, there are offices and personnel within the agency who are monitoring the UFO phenomenon, but again, this is not carried on an official basis."

Interestingly, it was in the 1973-1977 era that Vallee reported discussions with Dr Christopher Green of the CIA (Vallee 2008 p214,229,236,237,410.) Could Dr Green be the Dr... mentioned in the released CIA documents quoted above?

p181. The NSA 1976. "Regarding your inquiry about UFOs, please be advised that NSA does not have any interest in UFOs in any manner."

However, FOI requests to the CIA revealed some of its documents originated with the NSA.

In 1980 NSA released two documents. Interestingly, p182, one discussed the findings of UFO research Jacques Vallee! The other, was written by an NSA analyst in 1968 and titled "UFO hypothesis and survival questions." It discussed various possible explanations for UFO reports.

From my earlier posts you may recall that Jacques Vallee in his book "Forbidden Science" Volume 2, spoke of one Howell McConnell from the NSA asking Vallee questions about UFOs in 1972. Again, in 1975 (p312) Vallee met an NSA physicist who told Vallee there was no evidence found within NSA that this agency was intercepting foreign messages on the subject of UFOs. In 1976 (p325) Vallee mentions encountering an engineer who said he used to be part of an NSA group researching aerial phenomena.

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