Sunday, December 6, 2009

The National Security State 2

"...Shamrock-an operation run by the NSA, formerly by the Signal Corp-was intercepting electronic transmissions on a daily basis throughout the US and abroad. Evidently, Shamrock was also spreading disinformation relating to UFOs." p194.

1961. The Defence Intelligence Agency was created 1/10/61.p247.

"On the other side, the air force, CIA, NSA and other intelligence organizations involved in UFOs had enormous reserves of money, secrecy and power." p259.

"The involvement of the National Security Agency in the tracking and analysis of UFOs has long been the subject of speculation. Indeed, several documents obtained through Freedom of Information Act requests have proven, despite NSA denials, strong interest in UFO reports." p348.

1969. "The year 1969 saw the publications of an interesting, little known book by Andrew Tully, with the hyperbolic title The Super Spies. The book is significant as an early report on the NSA, and even more so as its first chapter discussed the UFO controversy, albeit superficially. Tully stated that UFOs were products of secret military technology." p361.

1970. "The national security apparatus, which had intersected with the phenomenon for thirty years, now pretended, and perhaps hoped, that UFOs really were things of the past." p371.

1969/1970. "JANAP-146 and CIRVIS remained in effect, for example, indicating that UFO reports were still being routed through these channels." p385.

"The CIA, NSA and all branches of military intelligence received UFO reports and discussed the matter as something of serious concern. There is also evidence, provided by former Blue Book Chief Edward Ruppelt, of an "Above Top Secret" group with access to all UFO data, a group that straddled the worlds of government, military and industry." p387.

"...why the secrecy? Surely if the military truly believed what it said for years about UFOs-that they are usually misidentification of natural phenomenon-it would hardly be interested in the problem." p388.

I wonder how much was "collecting anything and everything" which intelligence agencies work on; how much was due to the personal interest of individuals working for intelligence agencies and how much was ever analysed?

I refer you to my earlier posts on the work of vallee for comments on the NSA and CIA's interests as known by Vallee.

Looking at the Australian perspective as revealed by the work of the Disclosure Australia project, provides some insight.

If it wasn't for the personal interest of Harry Turner, then the Joint Intelligence Bureau/Joint Intelligence Organisation wouldn't have taken as much interest in the UFO subject as it did.

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