Thursday, October 15, 2009

Psychic close encounters - 1

Had a good few last days reading "UFOs-Psychic close encounters" by Albert Budden. Published by Blandford, London in 1995.

His hypothesis "...that the UFO close-encounter (CE) experience consists of dramatically staged events produced by the human mind in altered states of consciousness." p14.

"To be more exact, my approach states that it is the activity of the human consciousness in combination with a variety of natural and artificial energies that produces staged reality identified as the CE experience...It is the unconscious-or more descriptively, the unconscious intelligence (UI) - that utilises its reality-defying abilities, including psychokinesis or 'mind over matter' to produce the effects of an advanced, magical technology in these 'staged productions', its motivating purpose being to establish and maintain an external social identity." p 15

"The ability of the unconscious to manipulate the perception and, therefore, the reality of the witness, is facilitated by its interaction with electromagnetic radiation. " p17.

"The radical mistake that many researchers make is to fail to identify such CE experieces as two (at least) distinct sections,the confrontation with the UAP and the subsequent encounter experience." p18. Here a UAP is an unidentified atmospheric phenomenon.

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