Sunday, October 18, 2009

Psychic close encounters - 4

Budden continued...

"...the central principles of the ESH, namely that the human unconscious, in response to specific field exposure that produces altered states of consciousness, can present dramatically 'staged' perceptions of interactions with 'aliens' and their spacecraft..." p217.

His hypothesis as set out in this book is tested against a range of both personally investigated cases, or detailed case studies from other investigators.

So, let me see if I have the hypothesis:
(1) People saturated with electromagnetic fields
(2) Living in electromagnetic hot spots
(3) Generate alien abduction and contact experiences
(4) As a result of interaction between the physiology of the ES individuals and EM fields
(5) by means of altered states of consciousness
)6) whereby the unconscious mind presents the person with a 'staged' perception
(7) The material for this staged perception is "The 'spacecraft' images that the 'picture library' contains are derived partly from the mass media..."p35.

As with the second book I reviewed previously I like the fact that Budden uses first hand investigations to test his hypothesis.

Finally, now that I have read both of Budden's books I can think about what he wrote and quietly digest the material.

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