Sunday, October 18, 2009

What to make of Budden's hypothesis?

It is still Sunday, so I have had plenty of time today to think just what to make of Budden's ideas.

1. There certainly needs to be more research conducted on this topic.

2. Science as whole, has not yet given sufficient resources to looking at the potential explanations for abduction experiences, although some promising work has occurred in the area of the relevance of sleep paralysis to these experiences.

3. Budden's focus on why certain individuals report these experiences and not others is important. Budden has documented a raft of things which these individuals have happen in their lives, including apparent exposure to electromagnetic hot spots. I think this question of why some and not others is the key issue to pursue. We need to more closely analyse what can be found out about these individuals. A previous post spoke of the 2008 journal article looking at 19 UK abductees, and what made them different.

4. I don't think Budden has sufficient evidence to support his claim that the unconscious is able to "...provide the effects of an advanced,magical technology." However, we do know that " sense of presence" which features in so many abduction accounts can be felt by some people under certain circumstances, and some scientific research suggest that this sense is of mental origin and not physical origin, eg. see my previous post about infrasound.

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