Thursday, June 24, 2021

Current Director of UAP Task Force named


In an article in Politico, dated 23 June 2021, author Andrew Desiderio reported on the upcoming UAP report to Congress. Included in the article was the following:

"Last week, though, members of the House Intelligence Committee and the House Armed Services Committee were briefed by Brennan McKernan, the director of the Pentagon's UAP task force, and Scott Bray, the deputy director of naval intelligence."

Up until then, the name of the current director of the UAP Task Force was publicly unknown. 

What is known about Brennan McKernan?

McKernan is mentioned in Volume 24, Number 5, dated December 2019 of "Sightings" a publication of the United States Navy Public Affairs Association. The Association held one of its professional development luncheons in November 2019 at which Brennan McKernan was the guest speaker. In an article in that issue McKernan was described as:

"...a Navy Intelligence analyst, and he spoke to us about the threat from China, Russia, Iran and North Korea."

The Navy Needs HUMINT

McKernan was also co-author of an article in Volume 143/8/1,374, August 2017 of the "Proceedings" of the U.S. Naval Institute. The article was titled "Professional notes - The Navy Needs HUMINT" authored by Lynn Wright; Mark A. Assur and Brennan McKernan. The article argues that the U.S. Navy, in recent years, has focused on signals and imagery collection at the expense of human intelligence.

In a previous blog post, B. Lynn Wright was found to be SES USN DCNO N2N6,  ADINO for Information Warfare (Acting) OPNAV N2N6B, Deputy Director, Naval Intelligence, formerly of the Defense Intelligence Agency. 

Office of Naval Intelligence

The U.S. Navy Office of Naval Intelligence is the area of the U.S Navy responsible for the collection, analysis and promulgation of maritime intelligence. Naval intelligence analysts such as John F. Stratton (see here for his official Navy biography) have previously been identified as working on UAP. In 2020 Stratton was with the USN Nimitz OPINTELCEN area of ONI.   A search of keywords on the ONI website failed to reveal any information there concerning McKernan.


A search of the LinkedIn website located a profile for Brennan M. Defense Strategy and Policy at US Navy, New Alexandria, Virginia, USA. His experience is shown as OPNAV Strategy and Policy, August 2008-present. Educated at the US Naval Academy between 1992 and 1996, obtaining a BSc. He was a Navy officer between July 1992 and December 2003. 

Here is a job ad for a Strategy and Policy Analysts with OPNAV which will give you an idea of what that role entails.

Update: 24 June 2021

1t was previously reported that Congressman Andre Carson, chaired a classified briefing on UAP for the sub-committee on Counterterrorism, Counterintelligence and counter proliferation, House Select Committee on Intelligence, on Wednesday 16 June 2021. For a fuller story on this, including a statement by Andre Carson, click here.


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    2. This sounds like a discussion I'd like to hear openly

  2. From what we see in the images and videos it seems clear that we're not dealing with anything that's particularly advanced as we might expect from a genuine UFO encounter. If this requires clarification it might be helpful to create a checklist for people:

    i) What Constitutes a genuine off-world vehicle? - A Checklist
    a) Does it
    A) Glow? I mean, Bright! (See Confrontations Chapter 1)
    B) Go from dead stop to high speeds instantly?
    C) travel hundreds of miles in seconds?
    D) make right angle turns?
    E) disappear instantly?
    F) matter phase (pass through other objects)?
    G) emit beams of light slowed by intense gravitational fields?
    H) emit EM fields strong enough to interfere with electrical equipment?
    b) Is it
    A) hundreds of feet in length?
    B) thousands of feet in length?
    C) miles in length?

    From what I've seen in all of the videos and photographs that have been released so far I can't check off a single one of these items which means that we are more likely dealing with someone else's terrestrial technology that might be a few years ahead of ours but that's it. That wouldn't necessarily pose a problem in and of itself. The real issue is what tactical edge they might have with these drones, "do these objects represent a potential threat?" Well based upon what we see in the video showing the object going underwater the obvious answer is yes because they indicated that they were then unable to track it once it had submerged. "What happens if a hundred of these suddenly emerge from the ocean seemingly out of nowhere and begin discharging ordinance?"

    I'd almost be ready to believe that these objects represent some type of DHS Red Cell operation just because of the enormity of the failure that this would otherwise represent as far as our Navy is concerned. Why couldn't they be bothered with just shooting one of these things down and taking it apart? Do they go out afraid of breaking anything when they patrol? Don't they even care about finding out what something is that they can't identify?

    1. Dear friends.
      We are treading the second half of the year 2021, this history of the UAPTF is interesting and it seems innovative, but the path of history has many rest stops.
      Go this for blog owner Keith, but especially Louis Taylor, who does a checklist above.
      On April 13, 2014, 7 years ago, and 3 years before Elizondo became a public figure with his "5 principles", the following was published in Argentina:
      "Instantaneous accelerations at astonishing speeds, evolutionary changes from air (sky) to liquid (sea) and solid (glaciers or mountains) without altering their conditions and displacement characteristics, chromatic variability and the attribute of appearing and disappearing suddenly".
      Isn't that what we're talking about now? They were published as an extreme synthesis for a ufology blog, but to reach them, anyone needs years of work.
      In particular, in the link below, I would like Mr. Taylor to read about his checklist, regarding "F) matter phase (pass through other objects)?", And compare it with the description and images that there are included (Dynamic Event of the T-34 plane).
      I am not an advocate or apologist for anyone, but I like to read and I have a good memory, maybe we should all look around a bit because apparently there are people and groups that are years ahead in the study of these issues.
      Maybe all of us can learn something from them.


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