Thursday, August 29, 2019

Kit Green's USAF "UFO" mentor

Kit Green's July 2019 interview

On 24 August 2019, US researcher Richard Dolan published an extensive interview which he had conducted in July 2019, with Dr. Christopher 'Kit' Canfield Green. One section of this interview intrigued me. This was:

"Through the 1980's, when he was still a CIA intelligence officer, one of Green's associates "was a recently retired, extremely senior general officer from the United States Air Force." He also happened to be a senior physician. In the Air Force, this man's area of work was as a liaison on the "Classified manned space flight program." After he left the Air Force he went into private industry under contract, "like they all do." His classified work was in "aspects of the space program."

"In 1982, Green hired this person to be on a science board at the CIA with him. Within a year or two ("in 1983, 84,")  the man said to Green  that "the stories about alien incursions, recoveries and information [are] true." Moreover, he was going to get Green cleared for the relevant programs. One key reason was the lack of  physicians cleared for them. Green was excited about the prospect."

However, the clearance never happened. "Even during Green's retirement from the CIA while with General Motors his retired Air Force colleague continued telling him that he was going to get Green cleared "into the programs that had to do with aliens and UFOs." Still, this clearance never happened."

Elsewhere, in the same interview, Dolan revealed that this person passed away in 1997. Kit Green did not name the individual.

Who was this individual?

Given the amount of detail which Green provided Dolan with, about the associate; I wondered if it were possible to determine the name of this individual?

Firstly, I consulted with Melbourne colleague Paul Dean who has expertise in this area. Paul suggested I try a specific United States Air Force website which contains biographies of current and past USAF leadership. This proved very useful.

I used keyword searchs to find individuals who had passed away in 1997. There were quite a few. I read the biography of each and every one of them, quite a task. Fortunately, there was one, and only one, physician in that group. This was Brigadier General Donald D Flickinger.


A check of numerous Internet sources determined the following, about Flickinger.

* He was a Stanford Medical school trained surgeon

* While in the USAF he was a director of "human factors" in the military's plans to put a man into space

* He was director of bio-astronautics and life sciences

* He left the USAF in 1961

* After the USAF he consulted for NASA and other agencies including the CIA

* He passed away on 23 February 1997.

His biographical details are consistent with everything which Green related to Dolan.

A CIA connection

An official CIA history "Developing the U2" describes how then Colonel Donald D Flickinger acted as a medical advisor to the CIA's Project AQUATONE for over a decade. Knowledge gained from creating the flight suits developed for U2 pilots, was used in the flight suits for US astronauts.

A search revealed that there are a number of internal CIA documents, such as this one, this one, and others which mention the work of Flickinger.

I have not found any official records showing that Flickinger was hired for a CIA science board.

Flickinger and UFOs

Is there any evidence to support Kit Green's statement that his mentor spoke to him about "the stories about alien incursions, recoveries and information[are] true."?

An Internet search using relevant keywords has so far failed to find any mention of an interest in UFOs by Flickinger. Perhaps a diligent blog reader may be able to find something.


  1. Keith, As always, this is wonderful. It is so great in the way you try to connect the dots.

  2. Keith, really like your approach to all, not a daily fill, but when something is real and relevant. keep it real!!

  3. You might want to check up on two other physicians, Dr. Charles J. Stahl, M.D., and Dr. James B. Farnum, M.D., who co-authored a paper with Green. This 1985 article from the Wall Street Journal was in the CIA files that are now released.

  4. Great work finding this name!

    Here's an Obituary

    Says here in his obituary that he helped select the Mercury 7.

    Does it make sense that the critical secret of the program is revealed before clearance is granted? And further, revealed by a retiree who, for some reason, has staffing concerns so great that he broke his NDA to see that they are addressed? However they staff secret programs this would seem to be the unlikely way. But, hey perhaps that's why we are even here discussing this. Improbable things are interesting! Secrets even more!

    Again great researching on this matter and adding a little more light on the narrative.

  5. I found a hit in a google book called "Faith 7" (page 26) where the famous introduction of the Mercury 7 Astronauts is pictured (scene from "Right Stuff" as well) describes Gen. Flickinger in the picture's far left. Here a youtube video shows him quite clearly.

    Can't make a connection to UFOs here but kind of cool to see his place in a well known historical event.

  6. Dr Charles Stahl is mentioned in the NIDs emails as well, for escorting Kit to this facility where the “alien tissue samples” were supposedly stored.

    I wasn’t able to find anything to tie Farnum to UFOlogy.


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