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Kit Green and his search for "alien autopsies"

Kit Green

My former co-blogger Pauline Wilson, and I, have long followed the interests, publicised accounts, and professional development of Dr. Christopher 'Kit' Canfield Green. For those blog readers who are unaware of who Dr. Green is please take a look at the following previous blog posts 1 April 2018; 3 April 2018; 9 April 2018;  13 December 2018; simply click on these dates.

Richard Dolan

On 24 August 2019, US researcher Richard Dolan published a lengthy article based on an extensive interview with Kit Green. The article included discussions about:

* The Davis Wilson document

* The Alien Autopsy document.

However, the purpose of this blog, is to take a look at the processes by which Kit Green came to acquire his interest in "alien autopsies" and what he has ultimately concluded about them.

Jacques Vallee's diaries

Around June 1985, US physician Richard Niemtzow, spoke to Jacques Vallee about his (Niemtzow's) dreams about "when the first alien autopsy report can appear in a medical journal." [Vallee, "Forbidden Science: Volume Three" (FS:V3) diary entry dated 23 June 1985.] Also, at this time, Green and Niemtzow discussed the work of Leonard Stringfield.

In a "FS:V3" diary entry dated 11 December 1988, Vallee writes:

"Two days in New York...and a new discussion with Kit who has found a medical doctor allegedly involved in an actual alien autopsy...Like Fred Beckman, Kit has seen the Cover-Up documentary and was impressed by the section about alien physiology."

Again in "FS:V3," in another diary entry dated 29 January 1989, we read about Green's interest in a doctor alleged to have preformed an alien autopsy. However, we find out that the doctor, a Doctor Crowley, of Lancaster, California, was not involved in an autopsy, but as a thoracic surgeon had been asked to review reports of an autopsy.

My final quote from "FS:V3" is from an entry dated  5 July 1989, where Vallee asks Green, "By the way," I asked him, "you never did tell me what got you interested in these rumors about Alien bodies in the first place." Green replies "It goes back to the seventies, when the first alleged autopsy pictures came out, all that stuff by Len Stringfield."

Dolan interview

In the 24 August 2019 Richard Dolan interview, Kit Green states that while still in the CIA (he left in 1985) he was associated with "a recently retired extremely senior general officer from the United States Air Force." This individual was a senior physician.

In 1982, Green hired this (unnamed) individual for a CIA science board. Around 1983/1984, this person indicated that "the stories about alien incursions, recoveries and information [are] true." Green remarked that this individual tried to get Green into relevant programs but was unsuccessful.

In 1987/1988 Green was called to the Pentagon and briefed in a sensitive compartmented information facility. A uniformed officer showed him written analyzes about alleged alien bodies, plus photographs.

Later in the interview between Dolan and Green, Green stated that through the 1980's and 1990's he saw about a dozen videos, originally on VHS tape, then CD's and DVDs, which were of purported alien autopsies. Unlike the 1987/1988 Pentagon briefing, these videos arrived on his home doorstep, or home mailbox. Later, he had the opportunity to take a look at the Santilli alien autopsy film.

Interestingly, I can find no mention of either the Pentagon briefing, or the arrival of the dozen videos, in Vallee's diaries.

What did Green ultimately conclude?

Towards the end of the Dolan/Green interview, Green concludes:

"I have no data that I can't derive from very advanced special access program material that was started twenty to thirty years ago. None. Zero. Nothing. I've got no material effects, no data from alleged abductions, no data from alleged MILABs, no data from epigenetics, nothing that couldn't be hoaxed intentionally by very sophisticated scientists. And that's where I am."

The above statement builds on a 1992 quote from Green, cited by Jacques Vallee, in "Forbidden Science: Volume four" in a diary entry dated 10 April 1992:

"Yet I've never seen anything biological that was anomalous."

In summary

Despite a lengthy interest in the subject of alien autopsies, since the 1980's, Green's current conclusion is that he had no evidence that could not be attributed to "very advanced special access program material that was started twenty to thirty years ago."

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  1. Still seems odd to me that Green and his pals were talking about Santilli's autopsy video being real in 2001. A number of investigators had already debunked and dismissed it all as the hoax it was.

    What is more interesting here is the motive behind sending the memo to Bob Bigelow.

    Was it pulled together to convince Bigelow the Santilli film of an alien autopsy was real? All to ensure Bigelow kept funding their cosy little club.


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