Monday, March 18, 2019

The To The Stars Academy and "quantum communication"

Luis Elizondo

Former manager of the US Department of Defense's Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP), Luis Elizondo was the keynote speaker, at the recent Scientific Coalition for Ufology (SCU) conference, held in Huntsville, Alabama, in the USA.

According to one conference attendee, Theresa Tindal, who was live tweeting from the event, Elizondo made a comment:

""Beamed energy propulsion & quantum communication' - the first tech we can expect to see from these discoveries."

Does this indicate that the To The Stars Academy (TTSA) are working on projects about "beamed energy propulsion" and "quantum communication?

Securities and Exchange Commission

In a blog post dated 3 March 2019 I noted that there was a report filed by the TTSA with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). On the SEC website, part of the report stated that TTSA were looking at beamed energy propulsion launch systems. This is the concept of using ground based lasers to launch a small payload into orbit. No one has achieved this to date, although lots of information about the concept is to be found on the Internet, e.g.

In an earlier blog post, dated 30 September 2018, I noted that TTSA had contracted EarthTech International to define a program plan "for requirements, development, analysis, experimentation, risk reduction efforts, demonstration, operational system development,and initial fielding of a BELS cubesat launch system, development program." BELS here stood for Beamed Energy Launch System.

Other TTSA projects

The SEC website report stated that TTSA were examining other projects, namely "Space Time Metric Engineering" and "radiation shielding materials for space applications." However, nowhere is there any mention on the website of TTSA working on a project involving "quantum communication."

However, I recalled that a Twitter user "dregs" on 10 March 2019 had posted a piece about a US patent for a "communication system," filed by Dr Harold E Puthoff, co-founder of TTSA."Dregs" kindly posted a link to that patent application.

Dr H E Puthoff: source

The applicant for a patent was EarthTech International, with the inventors shown as H E Puthoff and Christopher A Eusebi, and was filed on 31 August 2016. The patent number is US 201 800 627 65 A1. As at 17 March 2019 the status of the application is "pending."

The abstract for the patent application reads:

"A communication system using vector and scalar potential is disclosed. The system uses field-free potentials signaling for many applications where the absence of shielding effects in seawater, plasma or other dense media due to the fact that the absence of (E,B) fields eliminates the possibility of induced charge and current response in the media being transited."

Accompanying diagrams show images of submarines and superconductors.

TTSA projects

So, it appears that TTSA projects being evaluated in terms of which will most likely lead to commercial products includes:

* Advanced aerospace technologies

* Beamed energy propulsion launch systems

* Space time metric engineering

* Radiation shielding materials for space applications

*Quantum communication.

Has any reader come across further references to TTSA and "quantum communication"?

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  1. No, but I've been waiting for this to show up as being currently researched.


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