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Robert Bigelow's other "UFO" ranch


Blog readers will be well aware of the fact that Las Vegas billionaire, Robert Thomas Bigelow, bought a ranch in Utah, in the USA, which became famous as the "Skinwalker" ranch. However, few will know that he also purchased another ranch, the Mount Wilson ranch, in Nevada. The story of this second ranch has just been revealed in Jacques Vallee's new book "Forbidden Science: Volume 4". In this blog post I will provide the text of what is in Vallee's book, then add some additional information about some of the individuals who were involved in the story.

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"Las Vegas Friday 16 August 1996 

We spent the day exploring the Mount Wilson ranch (19). Dr Tim Rynne of SARA brought along a positioning device. We drove through Pioche where we met Shelley Wadsworth, a blonde grandmother who is one of Bob's local contacts, and three men from his construction company to measure and inspect the property.

We reached the place mid morning. The first thing we saw was a row of wooden western buildings that reminded me of Dodge City in the movies, with peeling paint on their tall fronts. The balusters along the porch-like sidewalks seemed to herald the arrival of tired cowboys on their tall horses.

The back porch of the bar had been brought around the horn all the way from Boston: its sculptured board was well worth the visit. There was a piano and an electric organ, and a row of fine tables where plates and glasses were set, as it awaiting the rough-and-ready miners who had given Pioche and Caliente their intriguing European names. The ghost of a tall native American is rumored to show up in one of the rooms.

On the way we learned that blue lights, and an x-shaped white glow were seen back in 1993, but I wasn't convinced by Shelley's stories of craft following cars at night, of the UFO that shot intense beams, or hovering black delta craft, and tinfoil-like squares that folded on themselves in the sky and vanished.

Jacques Vallee: source https://www.jacquesvallee.net/

All this is reported "in the neighbourhood" a Nevada term that can embrace hundreds of miles of brush and rugged stone.

A local man has sworn to Shelly that an accident happened at Area 51 about 1972 in which "Aliens who were building a craft for the U.S. were killed as well as our scientists." He claimed he had to transfer the bodies to the morgue."

While we were pondering these stories a storm came, slowly rumbling over the ridge of Mount Wilson..."

Notes in the book

Note (19) on page 501 of the book reads:

"The Mount Wilson ranch is located at 114 deg 27 min west and 38 deg 15 min north, near the William Landing Strip, in the region known as Schoolmarm Basin, Nevada."

Symbol indicates location of Pioche, Nevada. Source Google maps

In addition, there is a note (27) on page 502 which reads:

"In 14 months the Institute had spent close to $1.5 million...Also under Operations were the Mount Wilson ranch ($350, 970)..."

Further information

Who is Dr Tim Rynne?

SARA is short for Scientific Applications and Research Associates. Today their LinkedIn page says:

'SARA Inc., creates custom solutions to complex problems for the defense and homeland security industry. We specialize in directed and detected wave energy from EMP and ELF to laser light , HPM and sound. Our technologies harness electromagnetism, plasma, acoustics, electronics and processing to build practical applications for force security protection, renewable energy, UAVs, small robotics and special test challenges."

In 1991 he received an award from the US Army, and in 1992 from DARPA, where he was principal investigator on projects, while he was with SARA.

Source: https://sbirsource.com/sbir/people/20142-dr-timothy-m-rynne

In 1994, Dr Timothy M Rynne and John P Dering published a paper titled "Experimental Investigation of an Electromagnetic-Gravitational Interaction" in the Jan/Mar 1994 issue of the "Electric Spacecraft Journal."

Source: https://caylibrary.com/products/copy-of-esj-13

Who is Shelley Wadsworth?

In the 2 June 1996 issue of the Independent newspaper in the United Kingdom there appeared an article titled "A town like Rachel" by journalist Tessa Souter. Rachel, Nevada, is of course on the famous highway 375 and associated with the Area 51 lore. Included in the article was:

"I don't know if I believe in UFOs or not but I think at this point with all the things I've seen and the people I talked to, there's got to be something out there that's not us," says Shelley Wadsworth, a middle-aged Rachel wife and mother who is employed full-time by a Las Vegas businessman to investigate UFO phenomenon.

Wadsworth has seen several UFOs since the Fifties, but the most frightening incident she says, occurred in 1993...three UFOs, each about 100 foot across... Her fear rekindled the memory of another mysterious phenomenon, she says. He family used to farm a million acre ranch, 100 miles across the desert from Rachel...It was a dead bull...Its sexual organs had been removed...it was radioactive...According to Wadsworth, theirs wasn't the only mutilation in the area..."

Note the reference to being employed full time by a Las Vegas businessman. This is almost certainly a reference to Robert Bigelow. In fact, I later found confirmation of this, in Vallee's book, page 324 when, talking about the NIDS staff states "...and Shelley Wadsworth who deos field work in northern Nevada."

The Mount Wilson ranch "activities"

I found a short video on Youtube  published on 17 October 2010, where Michael Boatright of "The othersidez Inc " presents a video report on the Mount Wilson "activities," which include poltergeist "scratches", and a ghost in room 4.

George Knapp on Twitter

Following my mention of the connection between Robert Bigelow and the Mount Wilson ranch, a Twitter user referenced Las Vegas journalist George Knapp and asked about whether or not the ranch was used as a control, positive or negative. Knapp, in a responding tweet dated 11 March 2019, replied:

" It was a positive control. Mount Wilson was purchased by Bigelow because it had a long history of both poltergeist/haunting witness reports, and UFO sightings on the property and in the general area (similar to Skinwalker, though not the same range of reported phenomena.)" Later, Knapp added that he had never been to that ranch. 

Back to Vallee's book

Figure 12 in "Forbidden Science: Volume 4" is a photograph labelled "On our field survey at Bigelow's Mount Wilson ranch, Nevada with Dr Hal Puthoff and Dr Tim Rynne from SARA. August 1996."

Update: 17 October 2019

For some corporate information about the ranch owners, click here. 


  1. -- A local man has sworn to Shelly that an accident happened at Area 51 about 1972 in which "Aliens who were building a craft for the U.S. were killed as well as our scientists." He claimed he had to transfer the bodies to the morgue." --

    This part is very interesting. Bob Lazar mentioned in 1 of his interviews that there has been an incident where scientists presumably were opening 1 of the engines of the presumed craft. Which resulted in a deadly accident. Connections?

    1. None. Even if anything Lazar said was credible, which it isnt. This would predate what Lazar is talking about by at least 15 years. And its pretty clear Lazar is just borrowing from the story of the demon core. His alleged reactor even looks like it. Id suggest reading The Lazar Report, and Tom Mahoods web pages if you want the truth about Lazar. You dont even have to judge Lazar on whether or not you believe him. Judge him on his so called science. It doesnt add up, its not even wrong (as they say in physics)

  2. I don't see how the Mt. Wilson Ranch can be such a mystery, known only to insiders, when it offers rooms for rent. Can't some enterprising sleuth just head out there for a vacation and check it out? http://www.mtwilsonranch.com/

  3. I spent time out at Mount Wilson over a number of years and I know the current owners. Bigelow did indeed have researchers there and there were reported and documented sightings...including of craft seeming to morph into the mountain itself. These subsided over the years. Bigelow kept the place on as a retreat for employees to escape the Vegas bustle. There was a care taker that lived on the property and a trusted hand of Bigelow's who maintained the place. It was a maintenance nightmare....so they eventually sold it off quietly by placing an ad in the small Pioche newspaper. The only sightings that take place there now are THC induced hallucinations...if you know what I mean. But it is a great place for stargazing...and they even run gold mining tours. The original land parcel has been divided up, you can even grab some acres and build yourself a home on the original site.

  4. Lazar is credible and you Trax are a fool!

  5. So the unknown person is saying that since that since bigelow and the gov. left the area that the uaps left with them.I find that to be interesting.Sounds like your saying that the uaps were directly connected to Bigelow?

  6. i commented on this and it has not been posted.Why?

  7. Bob Lazar's testimony is utterly complelling & I belive completely true.How did he know about the bone density hand terminal back in the 80's when it never became public knowlege untill 2015? The US goverment has been lying through its teeth regarding UFO'S since the 50's & continues to do so. Project Blue Book proved this.


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