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The 2015 AATIP incidents


There has been much speculation about UAP incidents, involving US Navy assets, in the year 2015. In this blog post I take a look at a number of individuals who have made statements about such events.

9 March 2018


Christopher Mellon was the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence, under the Clinton and Bush administrations. 

"Defense Department officials who analyze the relevant intelligence confirm more than a dozen such incidents off the East coast since 2015."

"A third classified video, released by To the Stars Academy of Arts and Science , a privately owned media and scientific research company to which I'm an adviser, reveals a previously undisclosed Navy encounter that occurred off the East coast in 2015."

[Source: Mellon, Christopher. 9 March 2018. "The military keeps encountering UFOs. Why doesn't the Pentagon care?" The Washington Post.]

My comments:

1. If there have been "...more than a dozen such incidents off the East coast since 2015" this implies that there were some incidents in 2015, and some later than 2015.

2. "A third classified video" refers to the "Go Fast" video.

27 September 2018

Jeremy Corbell has had a lengthy interest in UAPs, and has a close working relationship with Las Vegas journalist George Knapp.

"In 2015 there were over 15 events on the East coast re Tic Tacs."

[Source: Filmmaker Jeremy Corbell. 27 September 2018. Interview on Phenomenon Radio by Linda Moulton Howe.]

January 2019

Former Navy aviator David Fravor, was one of the pilots involved with intercepting a "Tic Tac" UAP in November 2004.

David Fravor (left) with fellow pilot Jim Slaight

"One of the airplanes in the squadron almost hit one. Went 100 feet down the side. They were in section and it want down the side, and they came back and said it looks like a ball with a cube inside of it, like a square that has a circle round it..."

[Source: David Fravor referred to a 2015 event, off the East Coast of the USA, when being interviewed on the Fighter pilot podcast episode 35 - UFOs.]

31 January 2019

Former Senator Harry Reid was the lead instigator for getting funding for the Advanced Aerospace Weapon System Applications Program.

"Dramatic military episodes involving highly advanced but unknown intruders, such as a fleet of so called gimbal craft in 2015...more than justify an ongoing study, Reid said."

[Source: Interview between former Senator Harry Reid and George Knapp on KLAS TV 31 January 2019.]

25 February 2019

Las Vegas journalist, George Knapp, has been closely following the story.

"In 2015 the Gimbal shows up and not just once. We were told that more than fifteen times, maybe a couple of dozen times, both off the coast of Florida and subsequently off the coast of Virginia. Again involving naval craft and multiple sensors."

[Source: Coast to Coast radio interview between George Knapp and Tyler Rogoway. 25 February 2019.]

My comments:

What can we deduce from the above statements?

1. There were a number of UAP incidents off the East coast of the USA in 2015.

2. The "Go Fast" video was taken off the East Coast in 2015. 

3. The "Gimbal" video was taken in 2015. Location not stated. 

4. There was an incident in 2015, off the East coast of the USA, where a Naval aircraft almost hit a UAP.

5. Interestingly, I did not come across any statements by former AATIP manager, Luis Elizondo, about such incidents.

6. I welcome additional sources of statements about incidents in 2015, please contact

Update 1 March 2019

Giuliano Marinkovic advises the following additions:

1. 18 January 2018. Jeremy Kenyon Lockyer Corbell.

Corbell used the terms "Off the East coast...early 2015" when referring to the date and location of the Gimbal video.

[Source: Episode 173: Bizarre States. Section starts from 20:26 minute mark.]

2. 2 February 2018. George Knapp.

Knapp used the words " the coast of Florida in 2015."

 [Source: KLAS TV Las Vegas report on 2 February 2018. Section starts from 04:16 minutes mark.]

In addition, Jeremy Kenyon Lockyer Corbell commented about the Fravor account of a "cube" in a tweet dated 21 February 2019  "in a response to a 3 January 2019 blog post by Danna Silva  saying " ...there were AAV's that appeared as squares with a spherical aura surrounding them. Like scouts. More will emerge about this." 

Update 27 May 2019

In a blog piece on The War Zone blog it was stated that a Lt Ryan Graves an F/A-18 pilot had gone public with his knowledge of the 2014/2015 incidents, which occurred over a period of months and had involved multiple objects and numerous military observers. In addition a Lt Danny Accoin also from VFA-11 The Red Rippers had also commented publicly. They were based at the Naval Air Station Oceania near Norfolk, Virginia.

Lt Accoin stated that he had two interactions. The first, when an object was seen on radar but not visually. The second when, a few days later, his training missile on his jet locked onto an object and in addition it was picked up on FLIR, but again not visually.

Graves recounted how colleague pilots had almost hit one object. The pilot and wingman were flying only 100 feet apart, East of Virginia Beach, when something flew between them, "like a sphere encasing a cube."

Other objects appeared to be spinning in mid-air, like tops.

An official safety report was filed.

Graves also commented that when the Carrier group had arrived in the Middle East, objects were once again seen in the area.

Update 6 June 2019

"Some of the vehicles they've seen and described, in the New York Times article, are spherical. They're perhaps six to ten feet across. And they're transparent, like a soap bubble with a black cube inside. And the edges of the cube are touching the interior of the bubble..."

[Source: Chris Mellon, 5 June 2019, "The Fox News Breakdown."

Update 20 June 2019

"A source with knowledge of the events has made it clear to The War Zone that presence of the mysterious objects in the restricted training airspace off America's East Coast was so pervasive that it was largely common knowledge among local flying units."

[Source: The War Zone blog piece 20 June 2019.]

Update 3 December 2019

Former US Navy pilot, Ryan Graves was interviewed, at length, by Kevin Rose on the Kevin Rose show on 3 December 2019. Graves described his career with the US Navy; and his knowledge of the 2014/2015 events. Mainly, he spoke about information which is already in the public arena. However, the following points were new to me:

1. With new radar fitted to the jets he flew, the imagery he was able to look at via the system provided better information to him as a pilot. He said he could see additional data about commercial aircraft and moving ground targets. Some of the things they noted were unusual. There were physical objects out there which they couldn't identify. These objects would sometimes be stationary over the ocean; and at other times cruised eastwards(away from the coast) at speeds of 0.6-0.8 mach; 230-360knots. They were sometimes out there all day long. Sometimes at 30,000 feet, sometimes seen at sea level. If pilots tried to get closer, the objects would simply change altitude.

2. Asked by Rose if other pilots had reached out with reports of their own, Graves said, yes, a few had. One pilot was off the coast of Maryland in a test range area, when they saw an object at close range. This object was similar to a translucent sphere. A DoD official visited the pilot to debrief him.

3. Concerning the near miss with a cube within a sphere incident. Graves stated that the aircraft were flying 400 feet apart. He wondered if the jets had gone past a stationary object, or if the object had been moving and went between the jets, at their eye level?

4. Graves mentioned that he was aware of the new US Navy reporting system, but that it was classified. 

1 comment:

  1. There is excellent reason to believe that the "Gimbal" video and the "Go Fast" video were taken by the same aircraft, on the same mission, and less than twenty minutes apart:

    "according to poster Blu3Skies on Reddit,
    if you look to the right side of the sensor overlays you'll see a 4 digit code... That is the laser PRF code set for laser guided munitions.... Gimbal video is PRF code 1688. It took place in 2015 off the East Coast. Go Fast video is PRF code 1688. Articles sight [sic] it as taking place off the East Coast. Gimbal and Go Fast are both pieces of the same video it appears. No discrepancies in location or time as of now, however, this begs the question whether TTSA is cutting and feeding these videos to us to keep funds rolling in OR the gov is cutting/splicing and releasing them to TTSA intentionally this way."

    "So it appears that the Gimbal video, and the Go Fast video, were taken by the same aircraft, by the same pilot, on the same mission, and less than 20 minutes apart. While this has not been absolutely confirmed yet, it certainly appears to be true."


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