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Defence Science and Technology Organisation records on UAP - part two


This post continues my report on the contents of a newly available Australian government UAP file. I am providing a folio by folio description, plus comments to place the documentation into context.

A proposed official government investigation team

Folios 43 to 45

This is a three page memo, dated 16 March 1970, signed by O H Turner. It is titled 'Scientific investigation of UFO reports.' It starts off with 'On the basis that a team of two scientists is to be formed to investigate selected UFO reports on behalf of the Defence Science Division, the following suggestions are made...'

Part of the memo

The memo lists equipment that should be utilised; procedures for reporting of special cases; preliminary survey by originating agency; investigation team's rapid response; and future investigation teams.


Here then is a detailed, internal Australian government proposal, which confirms Bill Chalker's statements in various sources, that a DOD rapid investigation team was proposed in around 1969.

More Harry Turner material

Folio 46

Is a one page 'Chronology of RAAF involvement with UFO's.'

Folios 47 to 51

Are a five page 'Chronology of US investigations into UFO phenomena.'

Folios 52 and 53

Are two pages about 'RAAF attitudes to UFO's.'

Folios 54 to 60

Are seven pages about  'US official attitudes to UFO's.'

Folios 61 and 62

Are a two page summary to folios 46 to 60. There is a hand written note on folio 62 which says 'Prepared by H Turner (JIO)7/5/71. Discussed GEB 10/5/71.'

Comments on folios 46 to 62:

1. Copies of many of these documents also appear on JIO file 3092/2/000.

2. They represent a detailed argument as to why Australia should conduct its own research into UFOs.

Folios 63 and 64

Are a copy of a four page article 'Flying saucers keep coming,' from the magazine 'Australasian Post'
dated 13 May 1971.

Front cover of Australasian Post
The Department of Supply to conduct in-depth UAP investigations?

Folios 65 to 67

Are a three page 'Draft submission to the Secretary.' In part it says 'The purpose of this submission is to inform you of previous arrangements in Australia for handling reports of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO's) and to suggest a change in these arrangements.' 

It provides details of the current process of the RAAF handling the reports. Then, 'It is proposed that the Department of Supply undertake a scientific investigation of selected UFO reports for a period of say two years...' The memo proposes the undertaking of deeper research on such cases, as where artifacts are found; there are ground markings; radiation or magnetic disturbances, amongst other criteria. It suggest that about 20 cases a year would receive this treatment.

Part of the submission

At the bottom of page three there are handwritten notes which read:

(In red biro.) 'Some estimate of cost and resources included? Presumably no (illegible word) to new arrangements. RAAF to be prime contact with public as at present.'

(In blue biro.) 'Show it is little more, if any, than RAAF at present.' And 'Make a proposal on publicity. Promotion of other agencies (e.g. CSIRO) to be referred to in the submission.' Also 'Mention Lawrence's agreement.'

(In lighter blue biro.) 'CSIRO should be suitable to undertake many of these investigations, especially when biological factors are indicated, but lack the technical resources of DSL or WRE. Useful Divisions of CSIRO would probably include Physics (Sydney), Meteorological physics (Melbourne), Plant industries (Canberra), Wild Life (Canberra.)'


1. Here, then, is a more detailed proposal for Australian government research into UAP. It is not the suggested rapid investigation team per se, but certainly is about a deeper look at certain cases by the Department of Supply.

2. From previous research, we know that on 27 July 1971 DAFI was discussing Department of Supply interest in undertaking research. We also know that on 27 May 1971, that the then JIO was suggesting the DOD pass investigations from the RAAF to the Department of Supply.

3. This suggests that the internal memo being currently discussed be dated between 13 May 1971 (file folios 63 and 64) and 27 May 1971 (file folio 68.)

Folio 68

Is a one page internal DOD minute, dated 27 May 1971 from R W Furlonger, the then Director of JIO to DOD Deputy Secretary B. The JIO Director supports the idea of the Department of Supply taking up investigations.

The memo

There is a handwritten note that says 'Mr Barlow. This can be taken into account in your submission. R F 31/5.'


A copy of this particular minute was previously known, from JIO file 3092/2/000.

(Continued in part three.)

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