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Dr Richard M Neal, Jnr. M.D. - his work - 1988-1993

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This post continues a series, with material drawn mainly, from Jacques Vallee's latest book, "Forbidden Science - volume three."

In my last Vallee book related post, I documented the work of Dr Richard Charles Niemtzow, between 1975 and 1991.

One of the other medical researchers mentioned in my Niemtzow post, was a Dr Richard M Neal, Jnr. M.D. This post takes a look at the work of Dr Neal, using insights provided by Vallee, as well as from a literature search.

Vallee. 11 December 1988. p.359

'Two days in New York with Fred Adler this week, and a new discussion with Kit who has found a medical doctor allegedly involved in an actual Alien autopsy. He heard of him through Dr Neal of Los Angeles...'


1. 'Kit' is a reference to Dr Christopher 'Kit' Green.

Vallee. 15 February 1989. p.373.

'But Dr Neal, who knows this guy, told Richard that he started shaking visibly when the subject was brought up and that he asked to be left alone...'


1. Richard here, is not Neal but Niemtzow.

Vallee. 18 June 1989. p.398.

'I just spoke again to Richard Niemtzow. I told him that Richard Neal was trying to reach him.'

Vallee. 18 July 1989. p.407.

'In Los Angeles, where I was visiting a robotics company today, I took a couple of hours off to have lunch with Dr Richard Neal, the African-American gynaecologist interested in UFOs and their physiological effects. I was surprised to find that he was an ardent believer in the Extraterrestrial Cause and everything Budd Hopkins had stated about sexual interaction between human witnesses and their alleged abductors. It is only recently that he began to doubt these claims.

Having co-founded the Los Angeles abduction research group, he finally realised that no tangible medical details were forthcoming from witnesses who claimed contact or from the ufologists who promulgated their claims. He tried in vein to get them to agree to a screening protocol: David Jacobs insisted that a five-minute preliminary interview with abductees was sufficient to convince him they were genuine!

Disgusted with such disregard for standards and with constant feuds among UFO factions, Neal resigned. He said that his only serious lead for a doctor who may have done autopsies was the Lancaster doctor already mentioned to me by Kit: he went to his house and the man refused to talk, obviously embarrassed, claiming the need to keep his government pension secure. Kit can find no trace of such a pension. But Neal's information comes from Len Stringfield, who still claims he cannot release any names for fear of some dreadful consequences, and so on...A waste of time.'


1. For more on Leonard Stringfield click here.

MUFON Journal. September 1990. p.14.

Article titled 'The Implant Enigma - Part II' by John Scheussler.

Scheussler quotes from Ray Fowler's book 'The Watchers.'

'In the same book Fowler quotes the work of Dr Richard Neal, Jnr. on the subject of implants. Dr Neal says "Many abductees have described a thin probe with a tiny ball on its end being inserted into the nostril - usually on the right side. They are able to hear a 'crushing' type sound as the bone in this area is apparently being penetrated. Many will have nosebleeds following their examinations."


1. For further information on Ray Fowler, click here.

MUFON Journal. November 1991. pp13-16.

Article titled 'Paralyzed by microwaves.' by Richard M Neal, Jr.

'Abstract. A common physiological complaint made by both UFO witnesses and alleged abductees is of physical paralysis. Associated with this temporary paralysis may be a tingling, electrical type shock or numbing sensation felt over the body. The individuals involved report being immobilised by a variety of sources, including light beams directed from the UFO; hand-held objects carried by the alien humanoids or "entities", and other unknown causes. Although many theories have been offered as to the etiology (origin or cause) of this particular form of paralysis, none has completely explained the phenomenon.

James M Campbell, working with experimental data, gives an excellent analysis of paralysis associated with the action potential of nerve cells. Dr Richard C Niemtzow has also researched nerve fiber types and functions as related to paralysis.

In this article, the author will review the basic normal physiological functions of the Central Nervous System (the brain and its branches), which is essential to paralysis, followed by a discussion of the specific biological effects of microwave radiation on the human species.'

The article includes 'Dr Neal is a practising obstetrician and gynaecologist living in Lawndale, California. He is a charter member of the Los Angeles UFO Research Group and a MUFON consultant.'

Bulletin of Anomalous Experience. Vol. 2 No. 1 January 1991. p.2.

'From Richard Neal

I was interested in the last page on Conception and Birth. I have researched this so-called missing Embryo/Fetus syndrome over the past three years. Hopkins, Strieber and Jacobs all claim to have numerous cases - however, when confronted to have referrals as well as OB/GYN physicians medical records for follow-up - noone can seem to come up with one referral. Needless to say, I am extremely reluctant to believe that this is happening. Of the three cases I have researched here in Southern California all have a reasonable obstetrical explanation as related to a complication of pregnancy.'


The Bulletin of Anomalous Experience was a networking newsletter about the UFO abduction phenomenon and related issues for interested scientists and mental health professionals.

MUFON Journal. February 1992. p.24.

'Director's Message.'

'1992 MUFON International UFO Symposium...Speakers already confirmed are... Richard M Neal.'

MUFON Journal. June 1992. p.21.

MUFON Symposium. Talk by Richard M Neal titled 'The missing embryo/fetus syndrome.'

MUFON Journal. August 1992. p.9.

1992 MUFON Symposium.

'The missing embryo/fetus syndrome.'

'Richard M Neal, M.D., a MUFON medical consultant and one of the original founders of the Los Angeles UFO Research group, addressed the issue of missing embryos reported by abductees of which there are several, beginning with the now classic case of Debbie Tomey, first reported on the pseudonym of "Kathie Davis" in Budd Hopkins' 1987 book, Intruders. However, he could find no convincing medical evidence of a missing fetus or embryo that could be attributed to abduction by alien beings.

Dr Neal began with a review of the pre-intruders abduction literature, extending the relevant thesis of nocturnal visitors in general to include Dr David Hufford's generally overlooked signpost, The Terror that Comes in the Night, a study of the supernatural assault tradition typified by the Old Hag accounts encountered in Newfoundland. In the main, sexual activity and particularly sexual activity leading to pregnancy (which later goes "missing" or otherwise) is a relatively rare component of the Old Hag tradition.

The theme is also conspicuously absent from Dr Eddie Bullard's two-volume landmark survey of the then extant abduction literature, UFO Abductions: The Making of a Mystery, published in the same year as Intruders. Bullard wrote Neal that "this element (of missing embryo) did not appear in any of the abduction stories I studied."

In fact, most such cases, said Neal, are merely hear-say that fall into two distinct categories-women who say they have been artificially impregnated during the course of an alleged abduction by alien beings,or who claim they were impregnated via actual, i.e. physical sexual intercourse. The later, Neal said, seems curiously odd in that the 'typical' alien Gray is usually described as lacking external genitalia.

By the same token, assuming aliens lack sexual organs, why produce spermatozoa at all? In other words, how do human female earthlings become pregnant by the reported extraterrestrial intruders in the first place?

These are major questions, Dr Neal suggests,and the more so since missing fetus cases bear resemblances to the psychological aftermath typically associated with rape and susbequent post-traumatic stress, and because they tend to emerge in dream-states or under hypnotic trance. And on a purely physical level, there are a number of medical factors, including spontaneous abortion and secondary amenorhea (cessation of the menstrual cycle) that may easily mimic the missing fetus syndrome.'

Bulletin of Anomalous Experience. Vol. 3 No. 5 October 1992 p.4.

NRAS = New Revised Abduction Scenario.

'Dennis Stacy on Abductions and Abortions.'

'Another celebrated feature of the NRAS is the so-called "missing fetus," although as Ann Druffel and Dr Richard M Neal have pointed out, there is absolutely no corroborative evidence for this claim whatsoever.'

MUFON Journal. April 1993. p.19 & July p.16.

'Letters to the Journal.'

'Mising Embryos/Fetuses.

'In recent years numerous female abductees have related that alien humanoids have intervened in the removal of an existing pregnancy, or have inseminated females either directly or artificially: the so called missing embryo/fetus syndrome.

However, my research has yet to reveal one documented or verified case that would indicate such events are occurring.

In putting out this memo to UFO researchers and investigators alike, as well as to female abductees, I would like for them to submit the following information. Doctor's verification of pregnancy, medical records with ultrasound scan, D & C's etc. to document that this has occurred.

All information will be reviewed by a Blue Ribbon Panel committee. I am offering $500 to any case that shows without a reasonable doubt that a female abductee has had a missing pregnancy. Please send information to Richard M Neal, Jnr. M.D. MUFON consultant/physical and psychological effects. 4193 W. Redondo Beach Blvd. Lawndale, CA 90260.'

Bulletin of Anomalous Experience. Vol.4 No. 2 April 1993. p.4.

'Missing Embryo/Fetus syndrome.

[Richard M Neal, Jnr. M.D. is a specialist in obstetrics, gynaecology and infertility. The following notice is intended for UFO researchers, UFO investigators and female abductees.

'In recent years numerous female abductees have related that alien humanoids have intervened in the removal of an existing pregnancy or have inseminated females either directly or artificially (the so-called missing embryo/fetus syndrome.

However, my research has not shown one documented or verified case that such events are occurring.

In putting out this memo to UFO researches/investigators as well as female abductees, I would like them to  submit to me the following information:

Doctor's verification of pregnancy, medical records with ultrasound scan, D & C's etc, to document that this has occurred.

All information will be reviewed by a Blue Ribbon Panel committee. I am offering $500 to any case that shows without a reasonable doubt that a female has had a missing pregnancy.

Send information to Richard M Neal, Jnr. M.D. 4193 W Redondo Beach Blvd, Lawndale CA 90260.'

Bulletin of Anomalous Experience. Vol.4 No. 3 June 1993. p.8.

Article. 'Missing Fetus Syndrome' by Keith Basterfield.

'Eddie Bullard cited in an article by Dr Richard Neal, (1991:20) stated "I noticed nothing in the literature (up to 1986 or thereabouts) comparable to the missing embryo motif.' This is despite Bullard having reviewed 300 abduction texts in his mammoth review study.'


1. A search of issues of BAE up to the December 1994 issue, revealed no further references to Dr Neal.

MUFON Journal. November 1993. p.14.

'Fund for UFO Research - quarterly report.'

'The Executive Committee supports Dr Neal's proposal and has decided to provide an additional $500 to support the project...'


I was unable to locate any reference in the UAP literature after November 1993. It would appear reasonable to deduce from the information which was published prior to that time, that Dr Neal's interest in the topic ceased around that time.  An Internet search at the time of publishing this post, located an 81 year old Dr Richard M Neal, living in Lawndale, California.

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