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Little snippets from Jacques Vallee's latest book - which I'd like to know more about

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This post continues my look at aspects of Jacques Vallee's latest book, 'Forbidden Science - Volume Three.' Here, I draw the reader's attention to some items which I'd really like to know more about. If any reader is able to add to any of the snippets, this would be gratefully appreciated.

Russian ship crew sees 'flying cigar.'

'Later Kit told me he had seen an NSA intercept: A Russian ship off Gibraltar had sent a report to the oceanographic institute in Moscow. The crew had observed a flying cigar with a searchlight, in full daylight. It split into two objects that manoeuvred overhead. One object flew away, the other went on rolling and circling, and then melted on the spot.' (Vallee. p. 54. 20 November 1980.)


1. For a June 1984 UAP observation, near the Straits of Gibraltar, by a Russian ship crew member, click here.

2. 'Kit' is Dr Christopher 'Kit' Green

Remote viewing of Australian mountain

'Lunch with Hal...One of SRI's clients, an intelligence agency, has slipped the coordinates of Pat Price's four mountains among a test list for remote viewers. One site in Australia is well known locally for peculiar lights. The remote viewers correctly identified all four places as mountains and described underground installations.' (Vallee. p.103. 29 September 1982.)


1. Hal is Hal Puthoff. 

2. For more on SRI click here. 

Nuclear security testing

'I am reminded that Kit once interviewed a soldier of fortune, specialised in nuclear security testing, whose group used helicopters designed to appear as flying saucers.' (Vallee. p.137. 11 March 1984.)

European Space Agency UAP Project

(Speaking with Simonne Servais.) 'She reminded me that an attempt had been made to setup a research project within the European Space Agency, an organisation for which Louange long served in Madrid. The idea got nowhere.'


1. I can find no further references in Vallee to this, and an Internet search found nothing. However, I did find the following. 'Between 1991 and 1993, the idea of creating a Euro Centre to coordinate investigations into such reports was brought before the European Parliament ten times.' ('UFOs and Government: A Historical Inquiry. p.457.)

Other people tried to establish a team under SGDN, the General Secretariat for National Defense. Hubert Curien, minister of Industry, wrote to Hernu (at Defense) but the message went astray, going up the line of command instead of direct cabinet-level, and the project was aborted along the way.' (Vallee. p.19. 23 June 1985.)

Russian espionage and GEPAN

(Talking with Jean-Jacques Velasco.) 'We also spoke about Gepan. He told me that contacts with the Soviets had come to a halt when their Russian colleagues were thrown out of France for espionage, notably a scientist who had befriended Francois Louange. It turned out they were not interested in UFOs at all, but in some novel optical technology cnes was using.' (Vallee. p.326.28 April 1986.)


1. For the history of GEPAN click here.

2. Click here for more on cnes.

The Wild Weasels and UAP

'Jim McCampbell has made an interesting contact with some military pilots from the Wild Weasels. According to Jim, these are expert pilots who use F-4 planes equipped for electromagnetic detection, designed to identify ground radar, and first deployed during the Vietnam war. The story goes that they have detected many UFOs and have continued this role in the United States.' (Vallee. p.248. 22 June 1986.)

Silicon Valley study group 

'Yesterday Janine and I attended a meeting of an exclusive UFO study group assembled in Silicon Valley by Steve Millard. It was an opportunity to present a series of well-researched cases and get their advice.'

'The group includes John Hanes, former undersecretary of state under John Foster Dulles; Charlie Rosen, the founder of Machine Intelligence and a luminary of American robotic science; Attorney Bruce Garrett; and a group of high-tech engineers and entrepreneurs.

Charlie Rosen gave an enlightened critique of my work. He forcefully encouraged me to continue this research. He also made the interesting observation that the humanoid form of the ufonauts was the strongest argument against their extraterrestrial origin; not only would the biology of another planet be unlikely to produce beings adapted to our atmosphere and gravity, but an advanced civilisation would have used genetic manipulation to engage in space travel. (Vallee. p.267. 10 November 1986.)

'Our Silicon Valley UFO group met again on Monday. This time the audience included general 'Johnny' Johnson, former head of communications for the White House, and rear Admiral Bill Houser, former deputy chief of naval operations. The group wants to do something concrete, so Houser will ask the Navy to analyze the photographs I brought back from Costa Rico.'

'Admiral Bill Houser has given us the results of an analysis of the Costa Rico photograph by Naval Intelligence. They took a very cursory look, under the pretext that government resources shouldn't be wasted on such things, and declared that it must be a hoax because the shadows are on the wrong side of the disk. But the shadows are only on the wrong side if one makes the assumption the object is a solid cone. There is no justification for such an assumption.' (Vallee. p.267. 18 November 1986.)

French military intelligence in control

(In conversation with Boedec.) 'Who has given up his attempts to stimulate a new UFO research project in France: "I do have some friends in politics, especially in Britanny. But as soon as they reach a high level they clam up on this subject." We reached the conclusion that military intelligence was in control of the issue in France and would never allow an independent effort.' (Vallee. p.325. 18 June 1988.)


1. Boedec was a French researcher.

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