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Was there a secret US government research group?


As blog readers will be aware, I am currently writing a series of blogs derived from material I come across while reading Jacque Vallee's recent book, 'Forbidden Science-Volume three.'

This post will explore the question of whether or not, there was a secret US government UFO research program in the 1970's and 1980's, using both Volumes Two and Three of 'Forbidden Science.'

As readers of 'Forbidden Science' will be aware, the books are in the form of diary entries which Vallee wrote, either at the time, or within a short time of the events he describes. I will quote the exact words used in these entries, sourcing the page number and date. As you read through twenty year of time, from 1970 to 1989, be aware of the changes which occur within Vallee's thinking on the question of whether or not there was a secret US government research group during those decades.

Currently , many UAP researchers would answer in the affirmative, to the question as to whether there is a such a secretive research group behind the scenes today. Their views, are to a large degree founded on what researchers of the likes of Vallee, were thinking many years ago.

Vallee's diaries

1. (Vallee writing about Howell McConnell.)

'He asked me if I'd ever heard of a group based at Wright-Patterson which is supposed to do secret analyses on behalf of the Air Force. He's heard that the office in question confiscated UFO negatives in order to analyze them secretly.' (Volume two. p.160. Dated 28 October 1972.)

2. (Vallee in discussion with Hal Puthoff.)

'If there was a project actively investigating UFOs within the government I didn't want to step on their toes.

"Well, yes, there is such a project, " Hal finally admitted. "In fact they call me from time to time to find out what my psychics have to say on the subject and do remote viewing of certain places where they think there may be UFO bases...They have an official charter..." Hal went to a public phone and called someone in Washington. He wrote down a name on a piece of paper: David M..."That's one of the men in charge."...No contact with David M. He told Hal that his unit was being disbanded "because of the current events" (Watergate?), but he remained "Very interested in Vallee's long-term approach."' (Volume two. pp209-212. 16 & 27 October 1973.)

3. 'Spurred on by our conversation at the Perfect Recipe, Hal Puthoff tells me he has found the leader of the CIA group that monitors the UFO field. The team used to be under David "M", a middle-level manager who became overly excited when the recent wave struck...he was pushed aside and another man, a biologist, was put in charge. Hal says the new man doesn't want to see me yet.' (Volume two. p 214. 17 November 1973.)

Note: This new man sounds like Dr Christopher (Kit) Green, as Hal had Vallee meet Green on 11 February 1974.

(Vallee in disscussion with Kit Green.)

'The most important thing I learned was that Green had counterparts in every branch of the Executive. Like Howell McConnell, they mainly operated "out of personal interest," with the blessing of higher-level managers...'

Vallee went on. "Don't you agree there must be a secret effort somewhere?" He thought about it for a while."Yes," he finally said, "I do agree with that statement. In my group we've wondered if it wasn't being run within private industry."' (Volume two.  p 237. 11 February 1974.) 

4. Vallee records that he went to the CIA and met with David M. and colleague Mary S. 'the people in the room knew less than I did...' (Volume two. p.243.  21 March 1974.)

5. Hal Puthoff relays a message from Kit Green to Vallee. " ought to know there's a group of 12 highly-placed people in the government who've decided to create a focus for the study of UFOs, with full access and funding for researchers like you." (Volume two. p 254. 2 June 1974.)

6. 'Kit and I drove over to the Marriott to meet David M. and "Sams," who was introduced to me as a member of the new "Group of Twelve"'...I realized they were all space cadets, talking about pedestrian research worthy of the old Nicap...' (Volume two. p255. 16 June 1974.)

7. 'Hynek has gone to see Donald Rumsfeld at the White House. ...Allen described the work of the Center.,.. Therefore he had the need to know if there was a secret study somewhere. Rumsfeld replied abruptly: "You do NOT have a need to know." Now Allen wonders if the man was reacting purely as a  bureaucrat, or if he really knew something.' (Volume two. p293. 13 April 1975.)

8. (Vallee receives a call from an individual at McDonnell-Douglas Astronautics.)

Vallee writes. 'They have an on-going secret project, well funded, with the blessing and official monitoring of the CIA and they're discreetly connected with major UFO groups...' (Source: Vallee. Forbidden Science volume two. p.412. 8 June 1978.)

9. 'Kit has been told that the Agency didn't have a mission to monitor the subject...which brings us back to the big question: If these guys actually know nothing, who the hell is in charge?' (Source: Vallee. Forbidden Science Volume two. p 417. 29 January 1978.)

10. 'A great deal of activity, if not research, is indeed going on about UFOs among government organizations...McDonnell-Douglas is continuing their quite but well-funded study with John Schuessler, also monitored by the agency. They seem to be looking for exotic alloys.' (Volume two. pp439-440. 15 October 1978.)

11. 'The intelligence agencies of several countries, notably the U.S., the U.K. and France (often acting in concert) encouraged a few private scientists and physicians drawn from UFO groups and aerospace companies to conduct semi-official, deniable full investigations.' (Volume two. p.491 "Reflections.")

12. 'Over lunch with Hal Puthoff at SRI, I told him I no longer believed the government had an ongoing UFO project. He has reached similar conclusions.'  (Volume three.' p.32. 21 May 1980.)

13. (With Kit Green.)

'We discussed the possibility that a secret project existed somewhere either in France or here. Kit remains sceptical.' (Volume three. p.75. 6 September 1981.)

14. 'Dick Haines told me about a recent visit to Vandenberg Air Force base. He came back certain there was a secret government project to study UFOs.' (Source: Vallee. Forbidden Science. Volume three. p. 93. 6 April 1982.)

15. (Vallee.)

'I have drawn two conclusions from the Toulouse meeting: first, Richard Niemtzow has convinced me that there was a secret project within the US government.' (Volume three. p.197. 6 July 1985.)

16. (Discussing John B Alexander's group.)

'...they came to the conclusion there must be a secret UFO project, somewhere else!(Volume three. p.199. 24 July 1985.)

17. (McMann - number two at the CIA, was asked):

'Are other groups already doing it?' [Studying UFOs.] He responded "No." (Vallee writes.) "This surprised us: there must be an investigation somewhere and if McMann doesn't know about it, who does?"  (Volume three. p. 228. 23 March 1986.)

18. (Quoting Joe McMoneagle - best remote viewer in the Army.)

'There must be a higher level of authority that controls UFO data.' (Volume three. p.316. 26 March 1988.)

19. (Quoting Hal Puthoff.)

'No body with any brains seems to be tracking this...' Vallee then writes, 'I disagree with him.'
 (Volume three. p 407. 11 July 1989.)

20. (Vallee writes.)

'If Lundahl is unaware of a black project, if Kit has come up with nothing, if Admiral Houser and General Tommy Johnson strongly deny ever being briefed about any high-level UFO threat that leaves me with no evidence, not even the hint that a black project is active.' (Volume three. p.435. 17 September 1989.)

21. (Vallee writes.)

'I am as puzzled as ever: there is evidence of a large disinformation campaign. It must be designed to cover-up something, but when I peer behind the fence I can find no trace of what is supposed to be covering up.' (Volume three. p.436. 17 September 1989.)

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