Sunday, August 28, 2016

The National Archives of Australia keeps coming up with previously unknown UAP files!

Hi all,

I thought that we had, by now, located most of the Australian government UAP files, held by the National Archives of Australia. Readers may recall that I am awaiting the examination and release of a file I found a while ago, titled "DSTO Records on unidentified aerial phenomena."

From time to time, I type the usual search terms into the NAA's "RecordSearch" search engine, not really expecting to find any previously unknown files. However, today was my lucky day. Up popped a previously unknown file.

The file is NAA file series J229, control symbol 5/13/AIR, barcode 21290309, with an interesting date range of 1956-1966. The file is held in the Brisbane office of the NAA and its current status is "Not yet examined." It's title is simply "Sighting of Unidentified Objects." It originated with RAAF No. 10 Squadron, based at Edinburgh, South Australia. Why it is held in Brisbane is a mystery to me.

I have already submitted an application to have the file examined and made available. When this has been done, I can then submit a request to have it digitised so that we all can read it.

A previously known UAP file from Edinburgh, was NAA file series A9755, control symbol 12. It originated from RAAF No. 92 Wing, HQ, Edinburgh, South Australia, with a date range of 1987-1992.

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