Saturday, August 13, 2016

'Cold case' reviews

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I have been conducting reviews of old cases, for several years. Click here for a listing of, and links to, my 'cold case' material, prior to 2013. One of the things I enjoy is taking a look at an older case, trying to locate the witnesses to re-interview; and trying to find original material which has been lost to the passage of time.

In many cases, I have been able to do either one or the other of these. In a few cases, I have achieved both objectives. Although hearing a 40 or 50 year old story from the original witness, has difficulties, such as our not near perfect memories; sometimes I have, in fact, been able to find some paper documentation which has escaped earlier researchers. Quite often though, I manage to find an old UFO newsletter, with some original data, which isn't available on the Internet. So, I have been able to add to the available information on a range of Australian cases.

Sometimes, this new evidence leads to a possible, mundane, explanation. Other times, the new data strengthens the unusual nature of the event and adds to the possibility of something truly strange.

Since 2013 I have not been undertaking so many 'cold case' reviews, mainly due to pressure of other things taking up my time. However, yesterday, I went through my blog posts looking for additions to my list of  'cold case' reviews, to add to my 2013 listing, and here they are.

North West Cape, Western Australia 25 October 1973 Service personnel sight unusual object.

St Helens, Tasmania 16 September 1974 Car stop event.

Moe, Victoria 15 February 1963 Farmer sees unusual object in sky.

Balwyn, Melbourne, Victoria 2 April 1966 Visual/photograph.

Westall, Melbourne, Victoria 6 April 1966. Large numbers of people see object near ground.

South Australian sightings which might be explained as satellite re-entries.

The Coyle sightings/photographs of 1967, Victoria.

Valentich disappearance 21 October 1978.

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