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The Australian Flying Saucer Review

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Courtesy of a number of individuals, including Isaac Koi in the UK; Andrew Arnold in Melbourne, and Michael Swords in the USA; along with my own resources,  I have been able to bring together a digital collection of 21 issues of the Australian Flying Saucer Review (AFSR.) These 21 issues cover the period December 1959 to December 1972.

Eras of the AFSR

There are four distinct eras of the AFSR as far as I can determine.

Era 1. Initially the magazine was produced by a collaboration of two civilian UFO groups; namely the Victorian Flying Saucer Research Society (VFSRS) and the Unidentified Flying Objects Investigation Centre. (UFOIC.)

January 1960
Volume 1 number 1, dated January 1960 on the front cover (but December 1959 inside), had as co-editors, Peter E Norris of VFSRS and Andrew P Tomas of UFOIC. The introduction states that "This quarterly magazine amalgamates "UFORUM" (Victoria) and "UFO Bulletin" (NSW.)" This first edition, features a transcript of an interview with the Reverend Father William Booth Gill.

The second issue, volume 1 number 2 came out in April 1960.

Era 2.  From volume 1 number 3, dated September 1960, the AFSR became the publication for not only the VFSRS and UFOIC, but also for the Queensland Flying Saucer Research Bureau (QFSRB.) The three co-editors were Peter E Norris; Andrew P Tomas and Carl Lechman of the QFSRB, and was published under the name of the "UFO Association of Australia." This issue reported upon the July 1957 Katoomba, NSW events which were spread over several nights and involved investigations by the RAAF.

February 1961
Subsequent issues were published in February 1961; July 1961; January 1962 and November 1962, when as far as I can determine, this collaboration between the three UFO groups ceased, and publication lapsed.

Era 3. The AFSR then became a publication issued by the VFSRS; and then when the VFSRS changed its name to the Victorian UFO Research Society (VUFORS), by that organisation.

Issue 1 of the new AFSR emerged in May 1964. ; issue 2 in October 1964; issue 3 in May 1965; issue 4 in December 1965; issue 6 in December 1966; issue 7 in December 1967 and finally, issue 8 in October 1968.

December 1965
The May 1965 edition featured details of a dramatic CE3 event from Sydney; while the October 1968 issue featured details of the 24 August 1967, Wodonga, CE3 encounter of Ron Hydes.

December 1967
I have found no digitised issues for 1969, with the next issue I have being from July 1970 and listed as "Number 2." "Number 3" emerged in December 1970. I have no issues for 1971, but then I have Volume 3 number 4 dated February 1972 and volume 3 number 5 dated December 1972, and after that date no more issues.

December 1972
Era 4. While the VFSRS/VUFORS published numerous issues of the AFSR (Vic. edition); UFOIC, as far as I can determine published one issue of their NSW version of the AFSR, and that was issue number 9 in 1966; which featured dozens of sighting reports.

I would be pleased to hear from anyone who may have issues which I do not.

Update as at 4 August 2016

I am working on producing an MS Word table of an index to the known copies of AFSR. I now believe there were 23 issues in total.


  1. Hi Keith, per your era 4, UFOIC published 3 issues not 1. These are as follows Australian Flying Saucer Review UFOIC Sydney edition No.8, June, 1965 (its numbering following on from the long break from the shared (Victoria, NSW, Qld) of AFSR No.7, November 1962) AFSR publication which included the Australian Scene sighting listing for 1963-64), the AFSR Sydney Sydney UFOIC edition No. 9, November, 1966, and then No. 10, long delayed and renamed Australian UFO Review UFOIC edition, December 1969. In that issue on pg. 53 there is an article "Change of Title" which chronicles the interstate problems of the AFSR.
    From your era 3 you are missing AFSR Victorian edition No. 5, july 1966 which included "VFSRS member snaps a UFO", "The Tully "Nests": How freakish can whirlwinds be?", "Motorist's Eerie Experience (Ron Sullivan's experience) and the Clayton Calendar extract on Westall. From the new series of AFSR beginning in March 1970 (vis VUFORS) you are missing No. 1 (March) 1970 (which includes reports on the Condon committee, the Zanthus report & the Spackman sighting). Issue No 4 was stated as such on the cover and listed inside as Vol. 3. No. 4 February 1972. There were no 1971 issues.

  2. Thank you Bill. I would appreciate scanned copies of any of the issues which I previously missed.

  3. Hi Keith (and Bill),

    As you may be aware, I'm making a bit of a push during this summer to help get a significant number of UFO periodicals made freely available online (where copyright issues allow...).

    I've previously spent quite a bit of time on UK and Canadian periodicals and am largely focusing on early USA periodicals at the moment. I plan on turning to Australian periodicals within the next week or so.

    I hope we can work together to secure some relevant permissions and make some material freely available online.

    Permissions are my usual starting point.

    I'm happy to discuss this here, on Facebook or by email.

    Basically : I'll be bothering you both, and some others, very soon. :)

  4. Hi Isaac,
    Happy to assist wherever possible. On a matter of principle, I have stopped using facebook for my UFO work. Happy to email

  5. HI Issac, Also happy to assist where possible, particularly re UFOIC publications. Best to contact me through my email regards, Bill Chalker

  6. I would like to know if you plan on hosting any research on UAP propulsion physics or technology "from a scientific perspective" (to use your words).

    There are many, many UFO sightings showing "black halos" associated with UFOs. These are of interest because similar effects can be produced in a laboratory. Circa 1911 George Samuel Piggott conducted experiments with a wireless telegraph apparatus that produced very similar black halo effects in a laboratory setting. The black halos were plainly evident and there were also inexplicable levitation effects. ( ) Tesla saw similar "black band" and "black streamer" effects during his experiments at Colorado Springs. Strange physical forces were also evident.

    The black halos, coupled with Piggott's experiments, offer solid clues about how UFO propulsion systems operate (discussed later on in the same article). This kind of thing could be studied up close and personal in a laboratory. What we learn about the science and technology could be quite valuable.

    Example2: UFOs (UAPs) use a type of physics that is different from that taught in the schools. Your readers might be interested in:
    "Beyond Einstein: non local physics" by Brian Fraser (2015) The free 22 page paper is about PHYSICS (not UFOs). It can be downloaded from: The .html file gives a link to the .pdf file but the former has additional information, and many more links and insights. Are your readers interested in this kind of research?

  7. With the assistance of Isaac Koi, and AFU in Sweden, it looks like we may now have digitised images of all the known AFSR issues.


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