Monday, July 25, 2016

Balwyn Polaroid photograph and visual sighting - 2 April 1966 - stage two report available


Blog readers may recall that, along with Melbourne researcher Paul Dean, I published a post earlier this year about the classic, 2 April 1966, Balwyn, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia visual sighting and Polaroid photograph. In that post, we provided details of all the known primary and secondary source materials.
One of two known APRO Bulletin articles

Since then

In the period since that post was published, Paul and I have been busy preparing a second stage report on the incident. We located:

- rare magazine articles on the event

- papers dealing with a number of analyses conducted on the photograph.


In conducting this 'cold case' analysis, Paul and I, with the assistance of others, among other things:

- Visited the site of the observation

- Obtained an aerial survey photograph of the house taken in April 1966

- gathered weather data for that day

- listened to, and summarised, a number of original audio interviews conducted by the late Professor James E McDonald, with members of the Kibel family

- communicated with Jim Kibel using emails, and a personal discussion in Melbourne

- communicated by email with one of the original US photographic analysts.

Project 1947 website

Both the stage one, and stage two reports, are now available on the Project 1947 website, thanks to Melbourne webmaster John Stepkowski. PDF versions of the reports may be downloaded from the site.

A copy of this stage two report was supplied to Jim Kibel, and the next blog post will contain comments by him about the contents of the report.

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