Tuesday, July 19, 2016

My research - stepping back into the shadows for a while

Hi all,

After 48 years of researching the phenomenon, I am about to make a few changes to my research program and methodology, effective 1 August 2016, in order to re-focus my available time and finances.

1. I recently gave a series of talks and workshops in Sydney, New South Wales.

I have decided that these will be the last physical talks/workshops I will undertake. While talks and workshops have, over the years, proved a very useful way to share information and network, I can see that today's digital world which we all live in, provides other means of communicating my research findings and interacting with other researchers.

2. I will be integrating my two blogs, this one and 'Magonia Down Under' and publishing material solely on this blog. In addition, I will be ceasing publishing blog posts on new books on UAP, as these posts do take up quite a bit of my time.

3. Many people I have spoken to, find that publishing material on UAP on Facebook, is a most unsatisfying experience. However, for whatever reason, be it vanity, or fear of missing something, few have quit using Facebook for this purpose. I personally have found that keeping track of the contents of some 45 Australian Facebook pages on UAP, is both time consuming and, ultimately of very little research value. So, I am taking a personal stand and ceasing using Facebook as a means of communicating my work on UAP.

4. I have spent much time in the past compiling a number of catalogues about UAP cases, many of which can be found on the Project 1947 website. I have recently, updated my major catalogue of interesting Australian cases, but will in future no longer undertake any new cataloguing work.

5. One of my current Projects is Project Newsprint. I started off the Project last year in order to see if there were unknown, current or past UAP reports in regional and isolated Australia. After the Project's success in Western Australia; Victoria and Queensland, I can answer that yes, indeed that are many previously unreported accounts. I see no need for me to continue the Project in other states. Naturally, if other researchers interstate wish to conduct their own Project Newsprint, I wish them well.

6. I am going to severely reduce my interaction with the media. In recent years, I have turned down requests to visit Toronto, Canada for a History Channel documentary; a request to be involved in the making of a documentary on the1988 Mundrabilla, Western Australia case; as well as multiple requests from overseas television production companies to be involved with filming segments. In addition, I have not appeared on a television segment on UAP for many years, as I regard these as simply providing entertainment and not advancing research.

7. I will now longer be investigating the numerous sightings which flood us all, unless they are significant in nature. I would however, be happy to work with anyone on good, solid, close encounter style events.

What will I be doing in future?

1. As long-time blog readers will know, my main interest for many years has been the undertaking of 'cold case' analyses, and then publishing the results. I intend to undertake more of the 'cold case' analyses, on both Australian and overseas cases. Shortly, I, along with Melbourne researcher Paul Dean will be releasing a stage two report on the 2 April 1966, Balwyn, Melbourne, Victoria, visual sighting and photograph. If you haven't read our stage one report you can find it here.

2. I will also be continuing my travels through the Australian Government records system, looking for new material to report upon. At the moment there are files, being processed for me by the NAA,  originating with the Defence Science and Technology Organisation and the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation.

3. I will be continuing to report, via this blog, on my future research. Thank you to all my current readers.

4. In addition, I will be continuing my collaboration with such researchers as Anthony Clarke of  UFO Research (NSW) Incorporated; and Paul Dean of Melbourne, on special projects we are currently working on.

However, as this blog post title reflects, I will be lowering my profile quite a bit and spending a bit of time 'in the shadows.'

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  1. I think you need a break from investigating sightings. You can beat this subject into road kill and all you will get is more sightings, more stories, more entertainment--and more boredom. THIS kind of thing is ultimately a dead end.

    But if you like SCIENCE, UFOs can be exciting. Peruse at your leisure: http://scripturalphysics.org/4v4a/ADVPROP.html#UFOPhysics_2


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