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Blowing in the wind - "Angel Hair" or spiders' web?

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Update 19 May 2015.

The story has gone viral on the Internet. I have been contacted by media from the UK; USA; Canada, and the Netherlands, plus Australia. Stories have appeared in all of these countries, and others. I have been contacted by seven people now, most from New South Wales, who have told me about falls in 2012; 2013; 2014 and 2015, mainly in the month of May of each of these years.

Some blog readers have asked me what this story about spider's webs has to do with UAP? The answer is that ever since 1954 there has been a debate among researchers about whether so called falls of "Angel Hair" are really spiders' webs, or the residue from the propulsion systems of UAP?  Thus, accounts of falls, are of interest to me, in order to resolve the answer to this question. 

Update 15 May 2015.

I have been interviewed by ABC radio; a number of Australian and overseas newspapers; and a variety of blog sites, about this story. You may read a selection of stories at:

I have also received first hand accounts of falls in May 2013 and May 2014.

Update: 14 May 2015.

There was a reported fall of "angel hair" from Goulburn, NSW on 4 May 2015. This was originally reported to Mariana Flynn of UFOR (NSW) who alerted Bill Chalker to the fall. Bill contacted the UFOR(NSW) caller, and has now had a chance to examine a sample of the material.  Bill's assessment is that this was a fall of spiders' web.
In the meantime, suspecting this was indeed a fall of spiders' web, in this instance, and not a fall of the fabled "angel hair",  I contacted the Goulburn Post newspaper, and they have just run a story.
I have now received the following first hand accounts:
"I just read an article in the Goulburn NSW paper about the Angel Hair phenomenon of migrating baby spiders.
I am thrilled to tell you that I saw it at my home on the Monday afternoon. We were sitting on the front verandah and I was looking NW , with the direct sun shielded by the roof. It looked like lots of silk thred floating through the sky,  though quite high up. It lasted for at least 30mins. It was quite amazing. I am so glad that I now know what I was witnessing.
We live on the eastern side of Mt Misery which is at the very end of Johnson Road Yass River. About 25km SE of Yass.
I hope this information is of interest."
"I just read the article on the spiders, Approx around the 27th April we experienced this and thought we were been invaded by spiders for two days, every time I'd walk outside my feet would get covered in very fine cob web like substance and the clothes line and clothes were absolutely entangled in it the weather was sunny with a slight breeze and this was only present for 2 days, we are located 30km from Yass out on the Wargeila rd, hope this helps with your research this article certainly explained a lot to me."
Based on the research conducted by Bill and I, we believe this fall to have been due to spiders' web.

Original post:

There has been a reported fall of "Angel Hair" at Goulburn, New South Wales today. "Clumps of cotton like stuff floating 100 metres up in the sky."

The weather data for Goulburn, NSW for today, 4 May 2015, is as follows:
9am 10degC; relative humidity 99%; 8/8 cloud cover; wind from WNW at 6km/hr.
3pm 21.2degC; RH 51%; 1/8 cloud cover; wind from NW at 13km/hr.

May is one of the two most likely months of the year, for Australian falls. Take a look at a previous blog post from April 2013, in which I was advising researchers in Australia to keep an eye out for falls in May that year.…/angels-in-…

Comprehensive analysis:

Some years ago, I compiled a catalogue of known Australian falls, then prepared an analysis of the data, with some interesting findings.  For a detailed listing and analysis of dozens of Australian falls go to:

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