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Australian "UFO communities" on Facebook

Hi all,

Each month, when compiling the monthly Australian national level sightings listings, I take a look at a number of Facebook (FB) pages on which appear details of either personal or third party observations.

This month, the number of such individual Australian "UFO communities" Facebook pages ( I am not including the FB pages of specific individuals who post about UFOs) hit at least 32 of which I am aware. Naturally, there may be other closed, or hidden sites. Having spent sometime taking a look at each site, I thought I'd share with blog readers, what I found. The list is not meant to be a complete listing of such sites.

A. FB pages associated with groups:

Some FB pages belong to well known Australian UFO groups. I will list their name; a well known individual associated with that group; the descriptor they place on the site, e.g. closed group etc; and the link.

1. UFO Research Queensland Incorporated.
(Sheryl Gottschall). Non profit organisation.

2. UFO and Paranormal Research Society of Australia.
(Larriane Cilia and Dominic McNamara). Closed group.

3. Tuggerah Lakes UFO Group Incorporated.
(Joann Kanda). Community organisation.

4. Victorian UFO Action.
(Ben Hurle and Andrew Arnold). Closed group.

5. Melbourne UFO Centre.
(Ben Hurle). Public group.

6. Australian UFO Research Network.
(Rob Frola and Daniel Sims). News and sightings.

7. Ufo-prsa Qld.
(Darren Terry).

8. Australian Cosmic Connections Adelaide.
(Kevin Robb). Non profit organisation.

9. Independent Network of UFO Researchers.
(Moira McGhee). Organisation.

10. Tasmanian UFO Investigation Centre.
(Keith Roberts). Community organisation.

11. UFO Research (NSW) Incorporated.
(Mariana Flynn).

B. Loose "communities of interested individuals":

Some FB UFO pages have been established by individuals, for the use of  "communities of interested individuals," usually based in a geographical area.

12. Perth UFO Casebook.
Public group.

13. Perth UFO Informer.
Public group.

14. Queensland UFO sightings and Research.
Community. Established 2014.

15. Melbourne UFO Sightings.
(Brad Morris.) Closed group.

16. Melbourne UFO Sightings.
(Brad Morris). Non governmental organisation.

17. Adelaide UFO Sightings.
(Brad Morris). Closed group.

18. Sydney UFO sightings.
(Brad Morris). Closed group.

19. UFO Australia.
(??) Community.

20. UFO Sightings & Photos.
(??). Community.

21. UFO Australia.
(??) Community.

22. Australia UFO and ET experiences.
(??). Closed group.

23. Australian UFO Paranormal Investigation.
(Glenn Abberton.) Closed group.

24. Australian Skywatch & Enthusiasts.
(??) Closed group.

25. UFO Gold Coast.
(??) Closed group.

26. Yarra Ranges UFO Sightings.
(??) Closed group.

27. Sydney UFO Hunters.
(??) Closed group.

28. Adelaide UFO Reporting.
(??) Closed group.

C. Other:

Besides the above, there are two sets of identically named groups, but run by different people.

29. South Australian UFO Network.
(Dasher Spaceski). Public group.

30. South Australian UFO Network.
(Cheryl-Lee Vanagelis.) Closed group.

31. MUFON Australia.
(??) Public group.

32. MUFON Australia.
(Cheryl-Lee Vanagelis, National Director for Australia for MUFON).
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I welcome input from any blog reader who may be able to provide additional Australian UFO FB pages; or indeed wishes to correct any of the information in this post.


  1. How bloody ridiculous! All these separate groups and individuals all working towards the one outcome. Crazy!!

  2. In 1979 near Moorine Rock in Western Australia, my wife (now ex) and I had a frightening experience that started with an observation of a "fireball" in the sky which descended into a nearby paddock, we observed that although it looked for all the world like fire it didn't set light to anything . This happened at approximately 2 to 2.30 am.
    We found no way of gaining access to where we could clearly see the object, and my wife became very agitated and insisted we leave. The frightening part was that we were tracked by a red light until well past Merredin when it stopped tracking and appeared as a red glow that totally filled the rear window, then disappeared.
    Shortly after thatI found I was too tired to drive further and pulled of the road where we both fell asleep. When we arrived at our destination near Perth,our teenage daughter greeted us with concern that it had taken us so long to drive from Kalgoorlie to Perth, as we were 2 hours overdue.I told her we had a sleep, but she insisted we had experienced 'lost time' a term I was not at that time familiar with.
    I have never before reported this to any body and am only doing so now because it keeps returning to my mind, just as clearly as though it happened yesterday and I thought puting it into words and sharing it might bring me some sort of closure.

  3. Hi George,

    Thank you for sharing this incident with us. Much appreciated. I too, hope it will bring you closure on the event.

  4. Hi Keith,
    You missed our group :)
    Kay McCullock ND

    PS we met years ago. Im mates with and use to work with Robert Frola.

    1. Hi Kay,

      I like to get in touch with UFO researchers to share an experience I had with a highly evolved technology. Following article was written after 4,5 years of researching into various fields to understand the depth of this issue.

      If anyone likes to discuss this further, kindly get in touch with me at


  5. Last night, 20/08/15. time approx 6:45pm I noticed a red/orange light moving across the sky, from north to south, along the beach line in the Fingal Bay area, the light did not have the classic aircraft white strobe lights or fixed wing navigation lights, green would have been the light I would have seen from my position, nor was there any sound. The light had a shimmering effect, and "blinked out" once before re appearing, then "blinked out" not coming back on. From my position the light would have been about 15 degrees above the horizon in clear conditions. the moon was above me and over to my right rear side at the time. As a guess the distance would have been 3-5 kms away from my position. I was alone at the time.

  6. Rob... I was at Fingal Bay two weeks ago. On one night, about 7pm my family and I saw, on two separate occasions four orange lights. Three were in a triangular position and one at two o'clock. They lasted a minute or so. Very interesting/mysterious. So, I can relate to your sighting. Lorne, NSW.

  7. Hi All,

    I like to get in touch with UFO researchers to share an experience I had with a highly evolved technology. Following article was written after 4,5 years of researching into various fields to understand the depth of this issue.

    If anyone likes to discuss this further, kindly get in touch with me at


  8. Email Headline: Could this be the astronomical equivalent of the Patterson Bigfoot Film?
    Content: Patterson showed that this creature actually exists. It's not been dis-proven. It's been affirmed (over time) since it came out.

    What I have for you is 'proof' that intelligent life is at work upon our Sun. Non-nature made phenomena that is undeniable. What I have found will throw the world of Astronomy into a 'tizzy' while the world of 'amateur astronomy' will be overthrown completely! A new day will dawn for both.

    is about to take a giant leap and amateur astronomers and UFO and Alien enthusiasts will finally be able to come together rather than be so close to Being mutually exclusive groups. One of 'believers' and one of scientific skeptics.

    Not everything I propose will be correct. I've done the best I could with what I've got and how I wanted to do it...on my own so here is the my best effort to unveil a historical event to the public...for posterity. Wake up everybody! We are not and have not been alone. There is more to 'stars' than we've been told. Let's have look shall we?

    BTW, YES, there are ufo's in this video. Your used to the idea of triangle ufo. I offer spherical ones also. This video or chapters thereof will likely need to be watched several times for the ramifications of the material to sink in. I used the reasoning mind, the imagination, my accumulated and broad knowledge base and my intuition in the creation of this video document.

    VIEWING Options.
    Option one: To entice you to watch the whole of my video document I made a short, 14 minute 'Highlights' video.
    Option two: You can head straight into my in-depth research on what I call 'The Great Gathering' of 2012 which is 2hrs.15 minutes long without the last chapter on 'OUR Questionable Physics' which is a 45 minute exploration in itself.


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