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Current Australian UAP reports

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National level reports for October are available in a post dated 2 November 2014.
National level reports for November are available in a post dated 3 December 2014.
National level reports for December will be available on 4 January 2015.

VUFOA Melbourne conference:

If you were at the VUFOA Melbourne UFO conference last month, and heard me speak, you will know that I discussed the fact that no-one in Australia has an Australia wide view of current incoming "raw" UAP reports. For those not at the conference, my talk is available on Youtube at
click here.

From the 1980's and through to the early 2000's, firstly myself, then later Robert Frola, compiled a monthly national level over view of reports being made to numerous Australian civilian UFO research organisations (to view these documents please click here.) This gave us an overview of the volume and detail of such reports; allowed us to see if there were any ongoing "flaps" in a limited geographic area; and to determine if any of these reports deserved more intense study. We have collectively lost this analysis tool.

A response:

As no-one else is currently attempting to provide this national level overview, I have decided to spend a little time myself on this task. Therefore, as another aspect to this blog, from time to time, I will bring you collections of  such "raw" reports. This will start off slowly, as I take time to discuss this concept with various Australian civilian UFO research groups and individuals; explore ways to tap into mass media articles, and look at other avenues of accessing such reports.

A quick look round:

Status: News media report only.
Date: 21 September 2014.
Time: Sunset.
Location: Redlynch-Freshwater area, Cairns, Queensland.
Photographer:  Charlotte Hellings.
Details: Discovered images on photographs when editing scenes of a sunset.

"When we got home, I noticed the big mark on one photo and couldn't work out what it was," she said. "Moving along the photos there's three of them and it gets bigger and bigger then it's just gone- in the space of two seconds." And that's not Ms Hellings' first encounter with extra-terrestrial life. "I believe there are lots of things that show up on my photos that don't make any sense," she said. "It's rare for me to get a sequence where it happens three times in a row."

Source: "Cairns Post " Newspaper. 25 September 2014.

Notes: 1. For Hellings's website click here.  2. For Hellings' previous photos click here.

Status: Facebook report- currently under investigation by Paul Dean.
Date: 21 September 2014.
Time: 2040hrs EST.
Location: Armidale, NSW.
Witness: Not given.
Details:  Set of orange lights at apparent low altitude.
"Unusual lights moving in SW direction at low altitude and at a slow speed. The movement was so slow that the lights appeared to be gliding. Three large orange lights resembling spotlights observed, two in front a short distance apart and one behind. There was no noise and they were slowly travelling in a small arc and then moving slowly west..."

Source: UFO Research (Queensland) Facebook page. For further details click here.

Status: Facebook report.
Date: 14 September 2014
Time: Unknown.
Location: Cairns, Queensland.
Witness: Not given.
Details: Flashing object seen in night sky.
"A family saw something strange in the sky above Cairns. It was a red, flashing white object that moved across the sky until it disappeared. It was observed through binoculars and it did not appear to be a plane or other aircraft.

Source: UFO Research (Queensland) Facebook page. For further details click here.

Status: Facebook report.
Date: 21 September 2014?
Time: Unknown.
Location: Brisbane, Queensland ?
Videographer: Arthur Stepanyan.
Details: Short video. Shows city skyline. Overexposed Sun in upper centre of frame. Patch of light pointed to as the "ufo." This patch disappears, seemingly behind a building as the camera zooms in.

Source: Brisbane UFO Sightings Facebook page. To view video, click here.

Status: Facebook photograph - "Pollen?"
Date: September 2014.
Time: Unknown.
Location: Queensland.
Photographer: Michael Stringfellow.
Details: Single photograph. Dark frame. One white sphere in top, middle of frame. Comments suggest it is an out of focus image. Photographer says "pollen" as explanation.

Source: VUFOA Facebook page. For more click here.

Status: Facebook video
Date: 27 September 2014.
Time: Unknown.
Location: Parkdale, Melbourne, Victoria.
Videographer: Peter Maxwell Slattery.
Details: Segments showing a white sphere travelling across the night sky, with stars visible. White line shines in from left hand side of frame.

Source: Facebook page of Peter Maxwell Slattery. For video click here.

Status: MUFON report.
Date: 21 September 2014.
Time: 1638hrs.
Location: Australia.
Witness: Unknown.
Details: Very high altitude silver object in a stationary position.
'Stayed on the grass on a lower North Shore island and looking at sky. Then saw about 80 degrees, through the tree leaves a very little light like a star. It was a very shiny day and that star was staying there. I stayed few minutes and exactly on the same position. Very, very high. Then I saw few planes on the same direction but much lower altitude - because of size, but planes were still very little - but that light like a star did not move. I changed different positions and it was still there. Very very high. But I have a good vision and kept concentrated to see if it moves. I saw before meteorites or other weather balloons or planes with lights but this one was more like a star. Very shiny and not moving at all. I took 2 pictures but I only had my phone. I showed it to my wife and she said it was a plane. But when I told her that is wasn't moving, after few minutes she did not say anything more. I asked her for iphone but after that I could not focus anymore on the object. I was able to see something like a "split" at the middle of the object or maybe better said, a shadow... the extremities were brighter. It just disappeared. I wrote you because I thought you would have some better software and analysts to try to identify the object. I cannot tell exactly in what area of the picture it is but should be close to leaves, also can be between open areas of the leaves. I cannot tell for sure because I changed few times the position and can't say as an indication what position was I when took the photo. Please analyze them, I know is there. Thank you for your help.'

Source: MUFON case management system. To see one of the photos click here.

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