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Current Australian UAP reports - Tasmania

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Following up on my previous post about bringing together current Australian UAP reports, here is one from Tasmania, courtesy of the Tasmanian UFO Investigation Centre (TUFOIC). TUFOIC has been operating since 1965.
Status: Under investigation.
Date: 21 September 2014.
Time: 1710hrs.
Location: Latrobe, Tasmania.
Witness: Two.

The witness was taking his young daughter for a bike ride in the street near their home. A bright flash caught his eye, then he noticed a bright chrome object approaching above nearby houses. The object had a flat base and a curved dome on the top. He estimated it was about 2.5m wide but less than 1m high. The object had now approached to within 30m and was about 25m above the ground. The whole object looked to be smooth with no rivets or panels. It then commenced to move at an angle up and away to the south-west before halting over some distant trees, At this stage the witness pointed out the object to a lady (whose identity he is not aware of) who said she had no idea what it was but did not show much interest. The object had by now receded into the distance and was lost to view. The event is estimated to have taken five minutes.

Total statistics:

Keith Roberts of TUFOIC mentioned that so far in 2014, they have received a total of 29 reports. Out of these, seven had an astronomical cause; nine were due to satellites; five to balloons; there were four other causes; three were unexplained, and one still under investigation.

Unexplained cases:

Keith kindly provided details of the three classed as unexplained.

Date: February 2014.
Time: Night.
Location: Highland Lake, Tasmania.
Witness: Three.

Sightings of nocturnal lights on an isolated property continued from 2013. Residents are alerted by barking dogs to three orange lights at low level nearby. The lights blink out and are replaced briefly by a single red light which also goes out. A neighbour on the adjoining block reports seeing brief white to yellow lights near his caravan. On the third and final occasion a white to yellow light is seen at tree level close by. It moves rapidly lower and out of sight in seconds.
Date: 14 February 2014.
Time: 2030hrs.
Location: North East of Babel Islands (Flinders).
Witness: One.

Lone yachtsman reports sighting a white to grey cigar like object low to the stern of his yacht. He estimates it as being 100m wide and maybe 20m thick. Running along the middle of the object was a line of white lights. In the arc above the cigar were some nine white lights that were moving in a random pattern. Feeling concerned he contacted Hobart Coast radio for the location of shipping in his area. Whilst waiting for a reply, he noted that the object had moved away to the north-east and disappeared into a cloud. There was no other shipping in the area.

Date: 5 April 2014.
Time: 2100hrs.
Location: Jericho, Tasmania.
Witness: One.

A motorist heading south on the Midland Highway noticed something bright to the west of the road, and seemingly very close. Level pegging him, about 100m distant and 30m up, was a green and silver, cylinder with a red light at the rear. After some ten seconds, the cylinder moved over the highway ahead and was lost to sight, south of the road.  

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