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An unusual account set in southern California, and one from New South Wales

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From time to time, I come across intriguing accounts, about which I would like to know more. Over the years there have been numerous such stories. Some, I have been able to enlarge upon, while others remain in fragmentary pieces, which I have never been able to put together. In this post I would like to share details of two such accounts, and ask for any blog readers who might be able to throw more light on either of them, to do so.

Southern California:

Back in October 2011, I interviewed an Adelaide man who recounted an observation of a UAP over Canberra, ACT, at around the time of the Valentich disappearance.

During our conversation, he advised me that at one time he had related his story to a well know Australian engineer and motor car racing identity (name on  file, I will refer to him as Mr. P.)

My informant said that Mr P had told him the following. Back in the 1960's Mr P was driving test cars for Ford in southern California. The car had previously crashed, killing two test drivers. Mr P drove another one of these cars and also crashed. Mr P survived the crash and some part of his recovery process was undertaken at Edwards Air Force Base. There, Mr P related, he saw (1) an unusual metal, and (2) an object the size of an orange which could hover by itself.

Fact checking:

1. A search of the Internet confirmed that Mr P had indeed been involved as a test driver for the Ford J-car program in the aftermath of Ken Miles' fatal Bridgehampton accident.

2. Another website provided details of Miles' accident which took place at the Riverside International Raceway in southern California in August 1966. The site confirmed that there had been two fatal accidents in five months in the Ford program.

3. Edwards Air Force Base is indeed in southern California.

4. However, I could not locate any Internet account concerning Mr P being injured in a Ford J car crash; nor of him being hospitalised at Edwards Air Force Base. There was also nothing about an unusual metal, or a hovering orange object.

5. I did locate an Australian website created by Mr P's family, to honour his work. I forwarded an email to the site, recounting the details I was aware of, and asked them if they had ever come across this story? I never received a reply.

Crash retrieval in New South Wales?

A friend of mine in Tasmania has recently spoken to a man about an incident reported to have happened about 20-30 miles outside of Moree, New South Wales, Australia, in about 1963-1964.

The account is of an incident which happened to the informant's father. At about 2 am farmers in the area reported a bright light which lit up the area. There was a reported ground trace found, and the area was said to have been cordoned off by the police and the military.

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